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The Best Places to Buy or Sell Used Wedding Dresses Online

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These are the best places to buy or sell a used wedding dress online in 2024. Score a deal or recoup some of your costs after the big day!

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This post is the ultimate guide on where to sell a wedding dress online. If you’re considering selling your wedding dress, we’ve rounded up the best information to help you decide the where, how, and why so you can turn your used dress into cash! If you’re not sure what to do with your dress after the wedding day is over, why not consider selling it to another bride?

Want to sell your wedding dress after the big day?

If so, you might be wondering:

  • How to sell my wedding dress?
  • Should I sell my wedding dress locally?
  • Are there places that will buy my used wedding dress?
  • What’s the best way to sell my wedding dress?
  • Which wedding dress resale sites are the best?
  • Are there fees for selling my dress online?
  • How do I ship my wedding dress?
  • Is it safe to sell a wedding dress online?
  • How much can I expect to make back from selling my wedding dress?

Maybe you splurged on your dream designer wedding dress and want to recoup some of your costs on an item you only wore once. Or perhaps you bought a dress and had a change of heart and the salon you purchased from doesn’t offer refunds. Maybe you’re just not the sentimental type and want to free up much-needed closet space after the big day. If you’ve heard about the environmental impact of wedding dresses and want to do better for the planet, selling your wedding dress is one way to make a positive impact. By sending your dress back out into the world for use by another bride-to be, you help reduce wedding waste!

No matter why you want to sell a wedding dress, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to navigate all the different resale sites, especially if you are determined to get the best price for your gown! But the good news is you can expect to recoup up to 50% of the retail value of your gown when you resell to another bride. If you factor this into your wedding budget, it could allow for splurging in other areas! (So savvy!)

Reputable Wedding Dress Resale Sites

We took the guesswork out of this process and came up with a list of reputable sites to sell a preowned wedding dress. Keep in mind that these websites are also great resources to peruse if you’re interested in buying a used wedding dress. They’re literal goldmines for buyers and sellers.

Most importantly, reselling your wedding items after the big day is one of our favorite wedding budget hacks! It’s worth noting that while selling your wedding dress online can absolutely help you recoup some of your costs, it’s not typically an easy, quick, or convenient task to tackle. These sites each have different benefits and costs involved, depending on the level of work you’re looking to do yourself.

The Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

We’ve outlined all the details below. Whether you want to sell your wedding dress locally or resell your wedding dress online, this thorough guide will empower you to choose the option that’s best for you!

sell your wedding dress online with stillwhite

*B$B’s Top Pick*


  • Fees: $25 one-time listing fee, no sales commission! $30 Premium placement gets featured on the homepage for one week
  • Payment Method: Paypal. Their Buyer Protection gives you peace of mind. Your full purchase price (plus shipping costs) is covered when you pay with PayPal.
  • Shipping: Seller ships the dress directly to the buyer. The buyer pays for shipping.
  • Returns: No returns via StillWhite, but you can re-list the dress on their site if you don’t love it!
  • Verdict: You’ll take home the full sale price minus a listing fee, so this is an ideal option if you don’t mind handling the shipping. 

More about selling your wedding dress online on Stillwhite: 

Stillwhite.com is the world’s largest wedding dress resale marketplace. Sellers have already earned over $20 million through the platform.

We love how easy it is to list your dress. It only takes a few minutes, and you’re guided through the entire process. With the in-built messaging system, buyers and sellers can chat and exchange photos safely without sharing personal contact details and worrying about scams. When you’ve found a buyer, simply connect your PayPal account for secure payment. The best bit is that you get to keep 100% of the sale when your dress sells, unlike some other sites.

Selling wedding dresses is easier than you think with Stillwhite’s simple flat fee of $20 for a standard listing! So join thousands of newlyweds and turn your once-loved wedding gown into another bride’s something borrowed by posting it on Stillwhite.com.

Shopping for a used wedding dress on StillWhite:

StillWhite is the world’s largest marketplace for resale wedding dresses, so there’s a huge assortment of 2nd hand wedding dresses and even new ones to browse.

They source dresses from all around the world, so you’re more likely to find the dress of your dreams within its virtual aisles. This online bridal consignment boutique even shows you the percentage you’re saving on each gown when you browse the listings. So savvy!

sell your wedding dress with nearly newlywed


  • Fees: $19.99 listing fee (one-time), 30% commission on the sale price
  • Payment Method: NN processes all payments and pays sellers by PayPal or check when your dress sells. They also offer installment payments through Affirm.
  • Shipping: Seller ships directly to the bride-to-be, but the NN team first verifies the condition and authenticity. NN covers shipping and insurance.
  • Returns: Yes, for any reason, with a $50 restocking fee
  • Verdict: The easiest, most convenient, and hassle-free option. They take care of all the annoying parts of the process and take a commission for their trouble.

More about Selling Your Used Wedding Dress with Nearly Newlywed:

Nearly Newlywed is definitely our favorite destination for selling your wedding dress online. Not only is the site incredibly inspirational, but it’s also super user-friendly, transparent, and makes the process oh-so-simple! NearlyNewlywed.com saves you time and hassle by fielding messages from potential buyers as well as handling the shipping. It’s the modern, on-the-go bride’s go-to hack for reselling your wedding dress. 

The process is quick and easy–  just submit info and photos of your wedding gown via their simple form. If your listing is approved, Nearly Newlywed takes the reins from there, answering any buyer questions and shipping the dress directly to the lucky bride-to-be. So, sellers can sit back and relax while the website’s experts do the grunt work.

In terms of costs, Nearly Newlywed charges a $19.99 listing fee, and when your dress sells, you’ll receive 70% of the sale price. The sales commission is *so* worth the time, hassle, and sanity you’ll save by letting the NNW team take care of the hard part. If you’re looking for a white-glove concierge service to take care of this post-wedding task, Nearly Newlywed is for you!

Buying a Used Wedding Dress from Nearly Newlywed:

They have a large assortment of dresses you can sort and shop by designer, neckline, silhouette, price, style, and more. Find designer styles from Pronovias, Maggie Sottero, Marchesa, Justin Alexander, and so many more. Since their team takes care of the entire process of verifying your dress, you can rely on receiving a quality, good-condition item when you shop through Nearly Newlywed. And best of all, if you don’t love the dress you end up with, you can return it for a $50 return fee to cover shipping.

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Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress online with preownedweddingdresses


  • Fees: One-time listing fee of $25, no sales commission!
  • Payment Method: PayPal’s built-in Buyer Protection gives you peace of mind.
  • Shipping: Buyer pays for shipping, which is applied to the purchase price. You’ll have to ship the gown yourself.
  • Returns: Dependent upon the seller.
  • Verdict: No commission is taken on the sale of your dress, so you’ll make the full sale price minus the listing fee! Plus, they have a handy wedding dress value calculator so you can see a recommended sales price.

More about PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com: 

Thanks to their #1 Google ranking, ongoing advertising campaigns, and strong social media presence, your dress will instantly be available for viewing by thousands of buyers at PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com.

You can also sell bridesmaid dresses and other wedding attire on this site too!

Unlike many re-sellers, PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com charges just a one-time fee for selling your wedding apparel and accessories. There are never any other charges or commissions on the sale. The fees are as follows: Wedding Gowns: $25, Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother’s Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, and Wedding Accessories: $5 each.

Their wedding dress resale listings receive an average of over 2000 views with an average sell time of 70 days. And they’ve facilitated over 40,000 wedding sales, so they have earned their reputation as the largest online bridal marketplace for where to sell wedding dresses and accessories. For more information on how to sell your dress, visit PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com.

Other Options for Selling Your Wedding Dress Online

sell your wedding dress with bravobride


  • Fees: $9.95 listing fee for selling wedding dresses, all other items are free. No sales commission! Items remain listed until sold.
  • Payment Method: Dependent upon seller. PayPal or Escrow.com is recommended.
  • Shipping: Up to the buyer and seller to decide who covers it, and you have to ship it yourself.
  • Returns: Dependent upon the seller.
  • Verdict: Another low-cost, decent option. 

More about Wedding Dress Resale with BravoBride:

Bravo Bride is an online marketplace for all wedding items! Brides can find everything they need for their big day—dresses, jewelry, shoes, ceremony and reception items, and more, all at great prices.

Brides and newlyweds can list their new and barely used wedding items and reach customers everywhere. Stillwhite recently acquired this site. 

sell your wedding dress with ruffled


While certainly not as extensive as PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com, Ruffled Recycle Your Wedding is completely free to buy and sell. Not to mention, you can also sell your wedding decor online with Ruffled, as well as a dress, so it is definitely a great site to consider.

More About How to Sell a Wedding Dress With Ruffled:

In order to sell your wedding dress with Ruffled, you will want to have a PayPal account set up and ready. To protect yourself and the buyer, we highly recommend creating a detailed PayPal invoice for your buyer.

While you will pay a 2.9% + $0.30 fee, PayPal can’t help you or your buyer with disputes if you take payment in any other way. You can view other tips and tricks for selling and buying on Ruffled Recycle Your Wedding by visiting their website.

sell your wedding dress on tradesy


Tradesy, an online marketplace for designer clothing and goods, is definitely the site for cream-of-the-crop items. They’re quite picky about which brands they allow on Tradesy and the condition of any items they list, which is perfect if you are selling a rare or designer dress in excellent condition.

How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online With Tradesy:

To sell, you can use a current listing as inspiration or start from scratch. Tradesy will automatically enhance any photos you upload, and they will suggest a price for your item if you are unsure where to price it. Once you sell, print a pre-paid label and ship using your own materials. Otherwise, non-wedding items qualify for a free shipping box and materials. Better yet, if the buyer returns your item due to something that is not your fault, Tradesy handles everything, and you get to keep your money.

They charge a 14.9% commission fee if you choose to keep your money within Tradesy. If you wish to cash out, the fee is 17.8%. For more information on selling at Tradesy, visit their website.

Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress online with poshmark


Poshmark is a resale site for all types of used clothing, including wedding gowns! Best viewed through their apps (download the Android or iPhone app here and use our referral code UPNLW to receive $5 to spend), Poshmark is a vast marketplace of new and pre-owned fashion, accessories, shoes, and more. Their selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses is impressive.

Sell Your Used Wedding Dress With Poshmark:

With their app, it is easy to sell. Just take a few pics, edit it with one of their unique filters, and…voila! Better yet, once you sell your item, just print off the pre-paid, pre-addressed label and either drop it in a mailbox or schedule a free pickup. It really is super easy.

As for fees, listings under $15 are charged a flat fee of $2.95. For orders that are $15 and over, they charge 20% of the sale, and you get to keep 80%. Not too shabby.

sell your wedding dress on oncewed


You will want to consider the darling site Once Wed when selling your bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, or wedding accessories. With over 4000 dresses available for purchase, Once Wed offers a great selection for brides of any shape or size.

More about OnceWed: 

Choose from a Free or Premium membership for selling your item, but there is never a commission fee. Yep, it’s free! If you are looking for a bit extra exposure, you can purchase the Premium membership, but that is not necessary to sell on OnceWed.

OnceWed protects buyers and sellers by using Escrow.com to handle payments. Once your seller receives her dress and is happy with the purchase, Escrow.com releases the funds to your bank. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress online on ebay


eBay, the king of resale, is also a fabulous place to sell your pre-owned gown. Their selection is vast and their search function is super specific, which are both reasons that brides like shopping there. Plus, they have selling used items online down to an art, so getting started is quick and easy.

More about eBay: 

Listing up to 50 items per month on eBay is free. They charge 10% of the final selling fee in commission. In exchange, you get access to shipping labels you can print at home, shipping discounts, seller protection, and customer support.

Selling a Wedding Dress Locally 

Selling your wedding dress to a bride near you seems like a good idea. Namely, because you don’t have to deal with shipping. Unfortunately, there are other challenges involved in selling a wedding dress locally.

If you don’t want to take the online route to sell your wedding dress, consider a local resale store. You might think it would be easier to just drop your gown at a consignment shop and collect payment. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It could take much longer to sell your wedding dress than you’d like. Most importantly, you’ll probably get less money for a used wedding dress when selling locally. Due to lower competition in a local market, there won’t be any urgency for a bride to spend more.

Local Buyers = Smaller Pool of Potential Buyers

The unfortunate reality is that you probably won’t find stores that will buy your dress for cash to resell it. It’s uncommon to find shops that will buy wedding dresses upfront at all. It’s more common for shops to hold gowns in their stores and take a commission on the sale price. The other possible option would be that a shop would give you a small commission on the wedding dress resale, keeping the lion’s share of the purchase price for themselves.

Even if you decide you want to sell a gown locally, you should take advantage of online platforms to help you reach more potential buyers. Consider listing your dress on Facebook Marketplace or use the location filters on eBay to increase your chances of finding a local buyer and avoiding the hassles of shipping.

Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress?

Verdict: Use online resources or wedding resale websites to sell your wedding dress

In conclusion, we recommend selling your wedding dress online above selling locally. Why?

Online wedding dress resale sites are the most convenient way to resell your wedding dress. Listing a secondhand wedding dress for sale online opens you up to a much wider audience of potential buyers. This creates more competition and a greater possibility of getting more money for your used wedding gown.

So if you want to sell your wedding dress fast and get the best possible price to recoup your investment, use one of the recommended sites above! You can even use these resale sites to nab top-name designer wedding dresses online at a fraction of the price. Whether your heart is set on a Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, or a Monique Lhullier, you are sure to score a deal or at least recoup your costs by taking advantage of a wedding dress marketplace like the ones listed above.

So tell us… are you thinking of selling your wedding dress after the big day? Let’s chat all about buying or selling wedding dresses in the community!

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