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20 Best Beach Reads: Awesome Books for Your Honeymoon

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Looking for the perfect beach read for your tropical honeymoon trip? We’ve rounded up 20 page-turning books to take on your beach honeymoon.

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One of the best parts about any vacation is the time you spend looking forward to your trip. Of course, your honeymoon may be the most exciting adventure of them all! If you’re counting down until a tropical honeymoon in the Caribbean or a beloved spot by the water in the U.S., we have you covered. We are leaving your outfit planning up to you, but we’re going to dive into another topic so many of us love – what to read when you’re lounging on the beach!

Below, we’re sharing not 5, not 10, but 20 (!!) books perfect for a beach honeymoon. Some you have likely heard about before while others will be new additions to your “to read” list. From books that have been made into movies to sleeper hits, a YA to an upcoming release, our list is carefully curated and filled with books we have read ourselves. With all of this in mind, we hope you find one (or many!) books to add to your beach bag!

The Best Beach Reads to Take on Your Honeymoon

Elin Hilderbrand is often hailed as the Queen of the Beach Read, so we obviously have to include one of her books on our list! The majority of Elin’s books are set on Nantucket, and “The Beach Club” is one of them.

Published in 2010, Elin’s first release centers around the characters who work at The Beach Club, a beloved hotel on Nantucket. In it, we meet Mack, Maribel, Love, and Gem, whose lives intertwine throughout a summer when a hurricane may have other plans for The Beach Club and all who work there.

When the book has the same title as the purpose it’s meant to serve, it has to be a great choice! Emily Henry’s “Beach Read” helped to place this newer author onto the romance map. It shares the story of Augustus Everett and January Andrews. He’s been trying to write The Great American Novel, and she’s due to turn in a new romance manuscript. So, what happens when Augustus and January attempt to write the other’s genre? Read and find out!

Laura Dave’s books are favorites among those who are searching for reads they don’t want to put down. If you’ve never read one of her novels, “Eight Hundred Grapes” is a great one to begin your foray into her books.

In it, we meet Georgia Ford, a bride one week away from walking down the aisle who learns a life-changing secret about her fiancé. So, she returns home to her family’s winery…only to learn another secret. Filled with love and family (and wine!), this book will keep you guessing until the very end.


by Brenda Janowitz

From cover to cover, the best way to describe “The Grace Kelly Dress” is to say it’s a heartwarming read.

The book shares the story of three women from three different generations – Rose, a masterful seamstress who sews look-a-like Grace Kelly dresses for brides; Rocky, a CEO who is not interested in wearing the wedding dress that’s been in her family for decades; and Joan, Rocky’s mom, who adored wearing her wedding dress.

Every chapter shares a different story from each woman’s perspective, and it’s a complete joy to read.


by Michelle Markowitz & Caroline Moss 

We love when a book’s entire story takes place over letters – we always feel like we can’t put it down!

In “Hey Ladies!”, you won’t be reading letters. Instead, you’ll be enjoying the emails, text messages, DMs, and more shared between eight friends in their 20s and 30s. They’re celebrating holidays, traveling, dating, and even planning a “disastrous” wedding.

This book will make you laugh – truly. Isn’t that the best kind of beach read?

“The Idea of You” became known as a “sleeper hit” throughout 2020 because it takes place across different cities throughout the world.

In it, you’ll uncover what happens when Solene, a 39-year-old divorcee, takes her daughter, Isabelle, and her friends to a boy band concert in Las Vegas only to hit it off with one of the boys in the band. The only problem? Hayes Campbell is 20. This book is a (steamy!) page turner that shares how Solene and Hayes’ relationship unfolds.

P.S: Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, The Skimm, and Vogue are all fans. It’s a good one!

Whether it was asked by a friend or during an interview, many of us have at least some experience with the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” But, what happens if you have a dream that shows you the future, and you’re in a different apartment with a different partner? “In Five Years” toggles between the present and the future and ultimately shares how and when the two collide.

Warning: You will (likely) cry. But, it’s worth it.

If the author’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Taylor Jenkins Reid is behind another hit you’ve likely heard of – “Daisy Jones and the Six”. “Malibu Rising” is her sophomore release that will hit shelves on May 25, 2021, just in time for summer honeymoons! The book follows four siblings who throw a party in Malibu only to have that party change their lives forever in just 24 hours.

“Malibu Rising” sounds like a complete page turner, and we are here for it!


by Jane L. Rosen

We read “Nine Women, One Dress” at the beach, so we can confirm it makes a wonderful beach read!

Through it, the author weaves together the story of nine women – Natalie, Felicia, Andie, and more – who all have ties to the same little black dress. Some of the women are falling in love, while others are trying to fall out of love. One is a model, another is about to make her Broadway debut, and there’s also a college grad trying to make her life seem more fabulous through the lens of social media.

Just like “The Grace Kelly Dress”, “Nine Women, One Dress” is a happy delight.

Back when it first debuted in 2018, “One Day in December” was chosen as Reese’s Book Club’s pick for December 2018. In short, it 100% deserved to nab that spot!

Author Josie Silver shares the story of Laurie and Jack whose eyes catch each other through a bus window. They don’t see each other again for a year, and when they do it’s because Jack is dating Sarah, Laurie’s best friend. What happens next? A story that spans 10 years.

Whether you’re reading this on a honeymoon near Christmas or in the middle of July, you will enjoy every page.   


by Emily Henry

Emily Henry’s latest release has been much talked about, so we knew we needed to include both of her books on our list!

Poppy and Alex are two polar opposites who have somehow remained bust friends, and every year they go on vacation together…until one trip ruined their travel streak two years prior. Now, Poppy and Alex decide to take one more trip together to see if they can repair their relationship. Will they?


by Hannah Orenstein

We love when a book is set in New York City, and “Playing with Matches” hits all of the right city notes!

After graduating from NYU, Sasha Goldberg accepts a job as a matchmaker, thanks to a family secret. What follows is a series of missteps and wins as Sasha attempts to find matches for her clients…and maybe herself.

Even though you’re reading from the beach, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re in the middle of New York City too!

“The Wedding Date” has topped plenty of “must-read” and “best-of” lists for everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Cosmopolitan. We can confirm it does not disappoint!

What happens when Drew Nichols asks Alexa Monroe to be his date to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding while riding an elevator? This rom-com that takes place between a wedding, Los Angeles, and Berkeley!

The great news is after you fall in love with “The Wedding Date”, there are four more books to read in Jasmine Guillory’s series aptly named “The Wedding Date Series”.  


by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

If you’ve ever wondered how Kate met and fell in love with William, “The Royal We” offers a perfect fictional taste!

Bex Porter is from America, and she decides to study abroad for a semester at Oxford. During the first days of her stay, she meets Nick…who happens to be Britain’s heir to the crown. “The Royal We” offers a peek back at the relationship that develops between Bex and Nick from their first moments until now, the night before their wedding day.

Also, great news, once you finish “The Royal We”, you can move right on to the sequel, “The Heir Affair”!

In 2018 when it debuted, “Rush” by Lisa Patton was dubbed as a wonderful beach read. If you haven’t read this book club favorite, make sure to add it to your list, especially if you were in a sorority in college or you’ve ever been curious about sorority life.

“Rush” takes place at Ole Miss where Cali Watkins is poised to join Alpha Delta Beta. Then, Cali’s path crosses with Lilith Whitmore. What happens next will make you want to keep reading, and you’ll also fall in love with Miss Pearl, the housekeeper at the Alpha Delta Beta sorority house.

We mean it when we say, we’re jealous of anyone who is about to read this book for the first time.

When Minnie Cooper’s mom was in labor, she was supposed to deliver before Quinn Hamilton’s mom at the stroke of midnight as the new year began in order to win a contest. But, when Quinn is born first, thus winning the prize, Minnie’s bad luck streak begins. They never thought they would meet again, but then their paths cross again on their thirtieth birthdays. Will their worlds stay intertwined this time?

A fabulous book to read in between Christmas and New Year’s Day, “This Time Next Year” promises to be a favorite during any other week throughout the year too.

P.S: “This Time Next Year” is an Editors’ Pick on Amazon in the Best Literature & Fiction category!


by Kristy Woodson-Harvey

Of the 900+ ratings “Slightly South of Simple” has racked up on Amazon, almost 75% of readers have given it five stars, including Elin Hilderbrand who said she’s a fan.

When Ansley left her small Southern hometown for New York City, she swore she would never go back. With all of the family together again, they try to uncover whether they’re best apart or together in the town they all thought they wanted to leave.

Similar to other picks on our list, “Slightly South of Simple” is a part of a series (Peachtree Bluff), so you’ll have plenty more books to read from Kristy Woodson-Harvey!

Another master at writing romantic comedies (and women’s fiction as a whole!) is Emily Giffin.

“Something Borrowed” was her debut novel, and it follows Rachel and Darcy’s friendship. When Darcy shares she’s getting married, her childhood friend, Rachel, is her choice to be her maid of honor. But, then Rachel admits she may want to be more than friends with Darcy’s fiancé. Discover if these two will remain friends (and if the wedding will even happen). Then read the sequel “Something Blue”!

P.S: You’ll want to add “Something Borrowed” to your to-watch movie cue too!   

Similar to a few other books on our list, the best way to describe “The Switch” by Beth O’Leary is to say it’s a complete delight from start to finish.

Leena Cotton escaped the countryside for London and spends most of her time working. Her grandmother, Eileen, stayed in the countryside but questions not following her dream to live in London. So, when Leena’s boss tells her to take a leave of absence, she suggests she and her grandmother switch lives – Leena will live in the country, while Eileen explores to city. Will they stay switched for good? Find out!


by Jenny Han

Jenny Han’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” may be our only YA pick on our list of the best books to read while you’re on your beach honeymoon, but we like to think it’s because it’s the best of the best!

Since she was little, Lara Jean has written letters to the boys she’s fallen in love with and stashed them in her hatbox rather than a mailbox. But, one day, her letters find their way into the hands of the boys they star. Now, this 16-year-old really has a problem.

P.S: Once you finish “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, keep reading the series – there’s two more books and three movies on Netflix!

Which books will you add to your beach bag? Let us know in the community, and make sure to chime in with your own favorite reads! Happy beach honeymooning, y’all!

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Looking for the perfect beach read for your tropical honeymoon trip? We've rounded up 20 page-turning books to take on your beach honeymoon. 
Looking for the perfect beach read for your tropical honeymoon trip? We've rounded up 20 page-turning books to take on your beach honeymoon. 
Looking for the perfect beach read for your tropical honeymoon trip? We've rounded up 20 page-turning books to take on your beach honeymoon. 


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