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5 Tips to Create a Glamorous Wedding on a Small Budget

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Want to know how to have a glamorous wedding on a small budget? Make your wedding look more expensive with these savvy wedding decorating tips!

glamorous wedding on a budget
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You’ve got champagne taste, but a beer budget. You don’t have a ton of money to spend, but you don’t want your wedding to look cheap. With these tips to create a glamorous wedding on a small budget, your guests will be blown away if they find out how little you spent. You’ll be amazed and surprised at how easy and affordable it is to make your wedding look more expensive without spending a fortune.

Want to know how to have a glamorous wedding that won’t break the bank? Make your wedding look more bougie on a budget with these tips and creative decor ideas!

How to Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive

Check out these savvy wedding decor tips to make your wedding feel more bougie without breaking the bank! Incorporating these ideas into your big day could save you big bucks and make a big impact!

A White Wedding Palette

Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive with a White Color Scheme
all white tables Style Me Pretty photo by  Gabe Aceves Photography   |   white bottles with pink flowers from Decor8 photo by Leslie Shewring   |   white spraypainted glass vessels from Ruffled   |   White enamel mason jars from LizMarieBlog

Get the Look:

A simple and budget-savvy way to create a glamorous look on a budget is to embrace the color white – simple, clean, naked white ISN’T boring, it’s GLAM! Carrying a simple color scheme of white with metallic accents is sure to give your wedding a luxe feel without spending a ton of money. Just think of all the celebrity parties and weddings you’ve seen with an all-white color palette. It screams FANCY. Choosing an all-white wedding palette will be sure to make your wedding look more expensive.

Budget Savvy Tip:

Check your local thrift stores for milk glass or even clear glass on the cheap. You can create gorgeous decor using items you can find around your home like old spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, tin cans, etc. Just add a simple coat of white spray paint!

Get the look:

Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive with Metallic Accents
sequin candle holders from The Budget Savvy Bride by Stockroom Vintage   |   gold mason jars photo by Flory Photo  via Style Me Pretty   |   Gold striped cans from TwoDelighted   |   various metallic painted cans by Jayne Weddings   |   gold spray painted coffee beans from Holly Hamann

Go for gold (or other metallics)

Get the Look:

Gold is majorly hot right now. Remember when we all thought gold was gross and totally old school? Yeah, it’s hard to remember… because these days gold is very glam. It adds a touch of elegance to your event and can be used as accents to your simple color scheme to up the glam quotient. If you want to have a glamorous wedding on a small budget, incorporate metallic accents where you can.

Budget Savvy Tip:

Again, using spray paint you can easily incorporate gold into your decor by upcycling mason jars, tin cans, etc. Even coffee beans can get a glam makeover and you can use them as vase filler for an upscale look. Check out sites like Save-on-crafts.com for some budget-friendly items!

Get the look:

Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive with Glitter
glitter branches from the Glitter Guide   |   gold glitter garland from Glitter and Grain on Etsy   |   glitter candlesticks from Lee Mae Marie   |    glitter table numbers from Really Cute Blog.

Make your event sparkle + shine with glitter

Get the Look:

Make your wedding look more expensive by adding a little dash of sparkle. Add glitter to certain pieces of your decor and it will add a touch of glitz and glamour to your day. Use glitter sparingly so as to not overdo it. Apply glitter to a few elements to draw visual attention to key areas of your event!

Budget Savvy Tip:

Check out online shops like Save-on-crafts.com – I found this gold German glass glitter that would be perfect for glittering up your wedding projects!

Get the look:

Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive with Balloons
black and white balloons via David Tutera   |   pink balloons via Just Balloons    |  gold table number balloons Avery House via 100 Layer Cake   |   balloon room via Martha Stewart

Blow them away by using balloons

Get the Look:

Balloons aren’t just for a kid’s party. They can enhance your wedding decor as a simple yet chic way to fill a room. The secret to keeping balloons classy instead of cheesy is to keep the color palette simple or even monochromatic. Black and white balloons can create a black-tie feel. Golden champagne balloons scream glam! Pale pink-toned balloons are lovely, romantic, and elegant. Gold Mylar number balloons can really add interest in a playful, but classic way!

Budget Savvy Tip:

Shop online for bulk balloons- I found some great deals on BargainBalloons.com! 100 12″ Latex balloons for only $6.45 in a huge variety of colors!

Get the Look

How to Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive -- Champagne!!
champagne escort cards via YourPerfectDay   |   Champagne glasses via HotelsUnlimited   |  champagne bottle images from online wine outlets

Pop the Champagne!

Get the Look:

Bring on the bubbly! Every good celebration calls for Champagne, and luckily there are some great budget-friendly options out there! You could even incorporate Champagne Corks into your decor for an extra touch of whimsy!

Budget Savvy Tip:

Shop discount liquor stores like Costco for additional savings on champagne. You can serve a champagne punch to make the bubbly go farther and save you even more money!

Get the look:

Got other tips to make your wedding look expensive?

Do you have any other tips to help brides make their wedding day more glamorous without costing a fortune? Join us in the community to chat all things wedding decor!

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How to plan a glamorous wedding on a budget - Make your wedding look more expensive with these savvy tips
How to plan a glamorous wedding on a budget - Make your wedding look more expensive with these savvy tips

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