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5 Ways Your Groom Will Steal the Spotlight on Your Big Day

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The groom deserves to shine on the big day. Learn how to allow the groom to steal (or at least share) the spotlight on your wedding day!

Amanda Wilks

I think we can all agree that the bride tends to steal the spotlight on the wedding day. However, today’s groom is finding his own ways to get some attention. From sophisticated styles to over-the-top speeches and songs, yes, a man can steal the show too. There are numerous ways that a guy can add some pizazz on their big day. Here are five ways that grooms can steal the spotlight during a wedding:

1. Wear a Unique Outfit

Gone are the days when the man must wear a tuxedo for the ceremony. Today, you will find that getting married can be a much more relaxed and fun event. Just about anything goes these days as brides and grooms alike are bucking tradition. Wearing outfits that are a bit offbeat seem to be all the rage. From rugged country looks with pull-on work boots to preppy seersucker suits– a unique ensemble for the groom can really steal focus on the big day. Most men are more comfortable in clothes they typically wear than stuffy dress clothes anyway. It is all about whatever makes the happy couple have a fantastic day.

2. Show Off Their Incredible Dance Moves

A big trend right now is adding a dance routine to the reception. Some grooms have the whole party join in the fun. Dancing allows for some great photo ops, makes for some good laughs, and is sure to take the whole reception to another level. Many choreograph and work on these moves for months in advance. There is something amazing about watching a man busting loose and having fun. There’s no need for cold feet anymore as they can warm their feet up on the dance floor.

Take for instance Hunter Heinrich. The Texas native wanted to take his wedding reception up a notch. Bride Lexi Wilson watched in excitement as her new husband tore it up on the dance floor. Rocking out to tunes by Bruno Mars and Destiny’s Child, this man showed the bride all his crazy moves. The guests laughed and joined in the fun.

3. Heartfelt Speeches

Most people think of women as the most sentimental ones. Today’s guy is willing and able to show his emotions more so than ever before. It’s okay for a guy to cry. Perhaps, some of the best ways to show emotion is by preparing a wonderful speech. Some choose to talk during the vowels and personalize them, while others prefer to give a toast at the reception. It doesn’t matter at what point in the day the man makes his heartfelt declaration, the point is that it shows a side of himself that many don’t get to see. Guest will realize that the bride isn’t the only one with her heart on her sleeve. Who doesn’t love a man that can be a little gushy?

4. Singing To His Bride

Music can soothe the savage beast and move the heart of the people. You will often see a groom crooning out one of his favorite love songs to his betrothed during the reception. What a video that will make, but then there is the fact that he didn’t care to be embarrassed in front of friends and loved ones. It just shows how devoted he is to his bride.

Such was the case when Benjamin Hayon took the microphone and sang Raquel. He sang “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias while pulling her closer to him, swaying her away. Yes, there wasn’t a sad face in the place. People forgot about her elegant dress as all the eyes were on him.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

The bride isn’t the only one that can look smashing on the wedding day. The man can accessorize too. Why not add a flashy boutonniere to really make the outfit pop? Don’t be afraid to use bold colors. It is acceptable for the big man to have his clothes stand out from the others. Even if they do opt for the traditional wedding garb, they can wear different shoes, add a different colored tie, and really stand out. Nothing will trump the bride’s dress, but the man’s attire can come in a close second. From stylish cuts to manicured facial hair, the happy couple can have a fashioned competition.

In Closing

Most people have accepted the fact that the bride will be the center of the attention on the wedding day. Well, some grooms are not taking this lying down. The man doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore. They can step up to the plate and shine right alongside the woman. Following these tips, it is a great way to enhance the overall look and make that day even more memorable. What will you do to impress your bride and surprise the audience?

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Amanda Wilks

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