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Photo by Gina Zeidler

Jessica Bishop is the editor and owner of The Budget Savvy Bride, in addition to running her personalized paper business, Jessica Bishop Paperie. Jessica is interested in forming relationships with companies and vendors who have products that are relevant to our readers. Jessica is open for media opportunities, speaking engagements and editorial contributions that utilize her expertise in weddings on a budget, blogging as a business, entrepreneurship and inspiration.

Have an opportunity or want to work together? Email me at [email protected] and we'll chat!

If you have questions you'd like to see answered on the blog, feel free to drop your inquiry at my formspring page. Click below!

  • Erika Lozano

    Can I just say WOW! I came across your blog by accident, but I am amazed at what a fabulous wedding you had. I’m sure you hear this on a daily basis, but it’s true. I live in South Florida where most weddings can be pretty costly. Naturally, like every girl, I’ve been planning my wedding since I was two years old, and sometimes I have panic attacks over the cost of certain items, like 500 dollars for invites?! Seriously? Although I’m not yet engaged I have been with my current S.O. for a little under two years and I will hopefully some day marry him. Anyway, I brought your blog up to my mother and last night she checked out it, she couldn’t stop gushing about it and complimenting you. She kept saying how beautiful your wedding was, and how smart you were planning such an elegant affair on that kind of budget. Honestly, my budget for my wedding isn’t going to be extravagant and that would worry me, but when I came across your blog I got so much inspiration and it has made me excited once again to plan my future wedding. So thank you thank you thank you for sharing your experience on your blog! I wish you a beautiful marriage! And thank you once again.


  • Susanna Miles

    Hi Jessica

    I’ve been following you on twitter and would love to write an article on you… Is this something you’d be interested in?

    If so, send me a message …..

  • Katy Critchlow

    Can I just say that I love you??? Although 10,000 is about double my budget, you have given me some awesome ideas. I am about an hour from nashville, so a lot of the stuff you post I can actually do! I accidentally found your website in January (after my Dec. proposal) and have been fairly addicted since. Thank you for keeping this going. And a belated congratulations on your wedding.

  • Rae

    Hi Jessica! I just forwarded your blog to a friend who is planning a budget wedding. It’s been quite a while since I have been here and I must tell you how excited I am to see the change! Your blog looks awesome!!! I am SOOO proud of you. I love how you have your resources sorted on the right side (so easy for people to see what you suggest!). And then I saw OUR SITE listed under your fave photogs. Awww!!! Thanks so much! I really can’t tell you how proud I am to say I know you!!!! You rock! Congrats on your blogging success! –rae

  • Hey Jessica!!
    Sooo excited to find your site! We currently have a DJ company however, I have created “My Table Play” a centerpiece rental company. This is to help budget friendly brides save alittle dough! If they are doing their own centerpieces and/or flowers, they can rent many needed items from me to keep them from buying them. Also, I want to show bride’s you don’t always have to use flowers for your tables at your reception. YOu can save alot of money by using things around you as inspiration (ex:nayure, seasons,etc.)
    I am currently posting pictures of my items on until my site is up and running!!
    I will soon add a monthly photo of a featured centerpiece for ideas and display rentals items I have!!
    I will be following you twitter and hope you can check out my Daily Wedding Tip on my twitter site
    Hope you are savoring all your savvy moments : )
    Whitney Hairston
    Premier Sound Productions
    feature My Table Play

  • trevmal

    Hey Jessica – I just wanted to say I saw you speak at a panel at the ‘Not So Big Wedding Event’ in MD and LOVED hearing your and the others’ advice! Thanks so much for being a resource for all us budget savvy brides πŸ™‚

  • Monica

    Hi there! Your wedding was so well-planned & inspirational! It has inspired me to do a BBQ style dinner at mine using the cute eco-friendly style cutlery you used. Before I order….did you feel like it was comparable to plastic as far as durability? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Monica! You didn't leave an email address so I couldn't respond to you directly, so I hope you come back and see this! πŸ™‚ The folks at ecoware sent us samples that we tested out on a few meals and they held up perfectly! I think they are just as durable as the plastic cutlery, perhaps even more so. Good luck!

  • Monica

    Wonderful! Thanks for letting me know! I'm so excited to find something between renting formal silverware & buying plastic stuff! Thanks again.

  • Amanda

    Hi Jessica! I'm excited to say that we are getting married at the Sam Davis Home next April! I love the blog and your pictures really help me invision the day! =) I was wondering if you have any recommendations on rentals? I got a quote today and was slightly less than pleased! Do you know of rental companies in the area for a tent, tables, chairs, etc.? Thanks!!! Keep up the good work!

    • We used Classic Party Rentals in Lavergne- they had the best prices (even though they were only like 5 cents cheaper per item in some cases) when I compared them with others like Southern Events and Stewarts. You might want to check out Art Pancakes- I've heard they are low as well! Good luck- let me know if I can help in any other way! πŸ™‚

  • Sarah

    Hi Jessica
    I have been following your blog since I got engaged last December. A lot of your ideas I will be using in my wedding and will allow me to stay within my budget, but there are many problems I am facing that have not been addressed on your blog. The reason for this is that my problems are uinique for a bride, I am 6'5" and my height is hurting my budget in certain areas. Most obviously is my dress adding length and alterations are going to run me about an extra $370. Shoes I don't even want to discuss ($80++ and selection is limited for formal shoes) πŸ™ Also my fiance is 6'7" so his tux and shoes are also a problem. I was wondering if you had any ideas for the taller bride who doesn't want to get punished financially for being a few inches taller than most. πŸ™‚
    Your Taller Bride

  • Hi Jessica!! As a bridal consultant I would just like to say that I love your blog. I wanted to ask you, what is your favorite resource for wedding invitations?

  • Laura Gremore

    We got married in June of last year and hd a very budget friendly wedding that I would love to share.

  • Sarah L

    Hi Jessica,

    I wanted to know if there are any New England weddings featured, especially summer and/or waterfront ones. Around here (MA/RI), most of the waterfront country clubs and mansions I’ve seen want upwards of $8,000 for the hall rental alone! And we’re inviting over 100 people. The places that charge per head ask over $30/person for food. I’d like to keep it “relatively” inexpensive, but I can’t imagine how to only spend $2,000 on everything else…

    I’m saving on the dress, shoes (found both for about $200 total), invites & engagement pictures.

    What would you suggest people splurge on? Food, photography, or something else? Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah!

      You can browse our real weddings by location at this link:

      In terms of splurging – it’s really up to you. What is most important? I would definitely try to find more low-cost options for your venue- have you checked out public buildings like libraries or something like that? Think outside of the box. Also remember that not everyone who is invited will attend, so keep that in mind when thinking about your numbers.

  • Jacob


    I am interested in purchasing a link or banner on your site, ( How much would it cost to purchase a link or banner?


  • Katie Combs

    Hi Jessica!

    First, let me say I LOVE your site. Budget Savvy Bride has been my go-to for the past six months since I’ve gotten engaged. I’m currently planning a Vermont farm wedding for June 21st next year for under $15k and love all of the inspiration on your site.

    I’m wondering if you ever need guest bloggers/contributors? If so, I would love to share my planning experiences and DIY projects.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • LL

    Hello ! From one budget savvy bride to another πŸ™‚
    I’m hosting an intimate wedding & dinner reception (20 people !) in San Francisco. While I would love to handle everything myself on the day of, I’ve been looking for someone who could help me handle basic operations on our wedding day. Would you have any recommendations of anyone you’ve worked with in the past ? And from your experience, how much do day-of-coordination services usually cost? we’re on a super tight budget and are even contemplation Task Rabbit ! πŸ™‚

    look fwd to any advice!
    thanks so much

  • Bree


    With only two months to my wedding (and no luck finding a budget friendly dress in NZ) I’ve turned to your blog to find ways to cut back in other areas! Right now we’re trying to find readings for a civil ceremony – any ideas? We can’t find anything we like.

  • Liz Coppus

    I just wanted to let you know WHY I voted for you with the Anna Griffin challenge. Personally, I love the subdued color pallet because it’s not over the top or in your face. To me your pallet says this is a ceremony where the message is more important than our theme. Secondly, it’s such a clean and elegant look. It’s not overdone and complicated. I just felt you should know why I voted for you – yours is so tasteful.

    • Hi Liz!

      Thanks so much for the message. I’m really honored and flattered at your kind words about my design! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the vote!! xo, Jessica

  • Rachel

    Hey Girl!
    I looooooveee all the ideas and helpful hints you have posted πŸ™‚ Do you know of a way to plan a wedding under $10,000 in the Charleston area? I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚

  • Greetings Jessica!
    I wanted to reach out to you because I am currently producing a new documentary about young couples getting married this year and their first year together as a married couple. I wanted to see if you either knew of anyone who would be a good fit, or if you would know of a good way to get the word out. I would love the opportunity to chat with you in greater detail about the project whenever is a good time!
    Thx and happy Friday! 818-563-4131

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