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Advice for Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

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Are you engaged and curious about planning your wedding during the current COVID-19 pandemic? Check out this advice from Kyle Michelle Weddings.

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How should we proceed with planning our wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic?

I think everyone’s question around the world is, well now what? Giving advice seems so obscene nowadays, but we’re here to share a little expertise from Kyle Michelle Weddings. After 14 postponed weddings in 2020, we’re set to take on the world of the unexpected– bring it on!

The unfortunate reality is that we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic. A lot of 2021 weddings will be down-sized, scaled-back events. The future is still unknown, so go with your gut instinct and stay within your comfort zone. (IE, if you don’t feel okay having 100 people in your backyard in June, switch your date, or make a pivot.) Until vaccinations are distributed, we are looking at a lot more of the same we saw in 2020.

There are a few different types of couples out there, and they’re all in different positions:

  1. 2020 couples who had to postpone their wedding, one, two, maybe three times.
  2. 2021 couples who are now panicking due to the unforeseeable future.
  3. Newly-engaged couples who just started planning for 2021 and 2022, lucky ducks!

The thing about love is it doesn’t stop for anything and the world just keeps on turning. So we’re here to help– let us give you some advice, strategies, and budgeting tips for navigating planning during this uncertain time.

2020 Couples

To the 2020 couples who had to postpone:​ Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

1. Double, triple, quadruple check all of your contracts​. This is so important during this crazy time because in small print there is always a clause that states “what if” this happens. Know that this pandemic is not your fault – therefore, you should not be giving an arm and a leg to make changes or cancellations. When rescheduling with vendors and or your venue, get a new contract or an affidavit and ask for a clause that revolves around the current situation.

2. Go with your gut. ​If you are worried your re-scheduled 2021 wedding will not happen and/or you’re no longer comfortable with a large gathering, switch it up. Make you and your guests comfortable, while still having the day of your dreams, it is possible!

You can always lower your guest count– make an A or a B guest list and go from there. Switch your venue to your backyard or another outdoor space– with the right vendors and support, your wedding will be perfect!

3. Conform. ​There are ways to adjust, move your tables to 6 feet apart, put extra hand sanitizer out with a cute acrylic sign, get a bigger dance floor so that there are ways to social distance while dancing, add custom or colored masks next to the welcome sign, etc. Ask your venue if you can switch to outdoors with a sailcloth tent, they’re absolutely stunning!

planning a wedding during a pandemic | Credit: Parker Young
Credit: Parker Young

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Couples planning for 2021

To the 2021 couples:​ Let’s expedite this planning process!

1. Make decisions. ​Remember as you’re contemplating, many 2020 couples had to push into 2021, so there will be fewer vendors available to choose from. Man do their calendars fill up quickly! Get those contracts signed and deposits paid! You can check that off your checklist. Also, be flexible with your date, a Friday wedding is no longer a cheap way out and frowned upon, if that’s what’s available– GRAB IT!

2. Read your contracts. ​Contracts are constantly changing now that COVID has hit full force. There are hidden fees being added – make sure you read them front to back and only sign contracts that you’re fully comfortable with! Planning a wedding during a pandemic is no joke, so having good vendors on your team is crucial. If something in the contracts doesn’t sit right with you, maybe they aren’t the best option, keep on looking!

3. Talk to a professional. ​Wedding planners have read over hundreds and thousands of contracts, they’re lawyers in the making. Speaking to a professional could get you the help you need, a different opinion, a third and non-biased party. Either get a wedding planner or a lawyer to look through all your official documents, should this ever happen again.

planning a wedding during a pandemic | Credit: AGP Collective
Credit: AGP Collective

Newly Engaged Couples who have yet to start planning

To the newly engaged couples:​ Congratulations! This is the fun part!

1. Can you wait?​ Take your time! One of the biggest tips we give to our newly engaged brides is to enjoy it– being engaged goes by so fast! Also, because of all of this craziness, aim to pick a date in 2022 to be extra safe. You’ll get to enjoy bonus time being engaged as well as a slower planning process. Odds are 2021 will be booked up anyways so picking a safer date that’s farther out may be the ideal situation.

2. Pick your venue now. ​Venues are getting picked up fast and furious, pick your wedding venue now and save the other stuff for later. Don’t forget, read that contract front to back and yes, I’ll say it until it’s burned into your brain.

3. Take advantage of the now. ​If you aren’t into all the glitz and the glam and want a micro-wedding, now is a great time to negotiate with vendors and venues. If you want to press skip on all of the waiting, you can surely find a date now and have a beautiful wedding at a smaller price. This is a very open-minded concept and if you’re down for it, it could be the best decision you make!

Just remember, all you need is love.

Whether you’re planning a wedding in the middle of pandemic or just any old time… try to really keep your focus on what actually matters: the love you share with your partner! ?

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