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Affordable DIY Up-Lighting

During a recent bridal event at our reception hall my fiancé and I loved the up-lighting set up inside of the venue.  We hadn’t planned on including up-lighting as part of our décor, and I was under the impression that it was incredibly difficult to set up and hundreds of dollars, if not thousands to rent.

Our venue without up-lighting
Lawton Lights
Our venue with up-lighting

Curious, I decided to ask the hall’s wedding coordinator about the lighting. Secretly, I was crossing my fingers it would be already included with the rental. Sadly, it was not and we learned it would be an additional $250 to rent. I can’t remember the exact number of lights that would be provided, but I want to say it was between 10-12 lights total.  My fiancé and I discussed it, but ultimately decided that $250 to rent lights just wasn’t one of our priorities (We just couldn’t justify spending $250 on lights, when we only paid $300 to rent the bar area/additional room!). Plus, we felt we could get away with using somewhere between 6-10 lights overall.

Not wanting to give up on our lights just yet, Nick and I took to the internet in search of affordable up-lighting. I came across a site that rents lights for $19/light with free shipping. Still not as cheap as we were hoping for without getting to keep the lights afterwards, then Nick discovered a site, CheapLights.com, that had a pretty nice deal. They sell a set of 8 lights with power cords and stand (gel color sheets sold separately) for $163.76 with shipping. This ends up being roughly $20.47/light. And the best part even after being $100 cheaper than the hall rental option, the lights are ours to keep! I can try to resell them after the wedding and try to recoup some of our costs.

Photo Credit: Cheaplights.com


Cheaplights.com also offers a wedding section on their site with lots of helpful advice and tips that can be found here. 

We were both really happy with the lights we’ve received. Since our wedding colors are black & white we didn’t need the additional color gels. We tested them around the house and found set up to be extremely easy.

All that needs to be done to set up up-lighting is:

  1. Plug uplight into an outlet
  2. Turn on
  3. Put uplight on the floor and point towards the wall

That’s it!

Do you know of any affordable lighting options or any tips and tricks? Please share below!


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