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Alcohol-Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Celebrate your upcoming marriage with some good, clean fun with these alcohol-free bachelorette party ideas!


Despite what Hollywood might show in the movies you can have a super fun bachelorette party without a drop of alcohol! And let’s be honest, despite the many other reasons you might have to leave out drinking for your last night as a single lady, I would say not having a hangover from the night before on or around your big day is definitely a good one!

So if you are not going to go out drinking what should you do? Here is a list of some fun alcohol-free bachelorette party ideas to help get your creative party planning juices flowing! 

Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas for Alcohol-Free Fun

First, decide if you want to go out or stay in. Below are some options to help you decide which works best for you and your group of gal friends!

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Going Out

If you’d like to have fun out and about, consider these outside-the-house and outside-the-box options for your bachelorette bash!

Budget Savvy Bachelorette: Thrift Store Fun

I love this fun Thrift Store Game Idea — it’s good clean fun! To pull off this fun alcohol-free party idea, gather your group of friends and follow these steps:

  • Start by meeting at your local thrift store. 
  • Have some index cards or blank pieces of paper that they can fill out with their sizes. 
  • Once everyone fills out their info, put all of the cards in a hat. Have each person pull a card, then go shopping for the person whose name they drew!
  • Give a time and price limit. For example, give them 30 mins and a budget of $10 to spend.
  • When everyone has made their selections, meet at the dressing rooms and have everyone change into the outfits that have been chosen for them!
  • Now that everyone is looking funny (or fabulous!) go to a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant, and maybe a movie or show after. 

Make sure to take a before and after picture!

Savvy Bachelorette Planning Tip!

I would suggest doing some pre-party recon to make sure the thrift store you choose has a good clothing section. The party will be less fun if they are a primarily household goods thrift store.    

Bachelorette Party Progressive dinner

If you consider yourself a foodie this may be the party idea for you! Instead of a bachelorette bar crawl, consider a restaurant crawl instead! Pick an area in your city that has a lot of restaurants near each other. Start at one restaurant for appetizers, then move to a different restaurant for sides, then another new place for the main course, then end at a restaurant that has a fun dessert like a candy store or fondue restaurant. To finish out the evening go to a coffee shop to chat or play board games.

This is a fun choice because the options are endless. It’s best if there’s a downtown area with many restaurants within close walking distance from each other. To keep it budget-friendly you can carpool to the starting location together. For a splurge, (or if your restaurants of choice are too far apart for walking) you could get a limo to keep everyone together enjoying each other’s company.

Bachelorette Fun run and brunch

What says a good time like a fun run? Go online and look up Fun Runs near you around your big day. There are a lot of websites that help with this such as Running In the USA or the Color Run. Most areas, especially in the warmer months, will have a few options but it’s helpful if you are flexible about the date for your celebration!

On the day of the run, have your group dress up in matching tutus, tracksuits, or in all white! Run together and then, while still dressed in your color, mud, or bubble covered clothes, go to a yummy brunch or lunch together. Before and after photos are a must!

Bachelorette Staycation

Are there fun activities to do in your area? Do you have a waterpark, amusement park, or beach, or are you close to a fun area to hike? Make a day of it with your gals then end at a nearby hotel, cabin, or Airbnb. Anywhere the group of you can get together to spend quality time just hanging out is always a great option.

Friends with a facial mask in a spa Free Photo

Bachelorette Spa Day

Are you a little more glam than the above ideas? Well, there are still lots of options for you. A quick Google search of spas that have party packages in your area can provide you with some great ideas for a rejuvenating experience. Consider going to a hotel spa where you can use their pool and/or hot tub after your treatments. Then get a room for the night to have a group slumber party after! Taking time for some self-care with your soul-sisters… what could be better?

Love the spa idea but are on a tight budget? Check out options at local beauty schools. Try to find a massage therapist who will give a group discount.

Bachelorette Party Ideas if You’d Rather Stay In

Don’t be too quick to discredit the awesomeness of just staying in! You can enjoy your girlfriends from the comfort of someone’s living room for half the price as other party ideas all while rocking your most comfortable jammies or sweats.

Potluck Party

For food, you can have everyone bring their favorite dish to share and have them bring the recipe written out for the bride. It’s always fun to have new dinner ideas to cook with their soon-to-be spouse.

For dessert, fondue is a fun easy crowd-pleaser. If you are going to watch a movie you could add to the theme with a popcorn bar and Movie Theater sized candy options.

sober bachelorette party ideas - alcohol-free bachelorette party

Favorite Things Party

Games are always fun! One of my all-time favorite go-to games is a Favorite Things Party. Here’s how it works:

  • Have each of your friends bring 5 of their favorite thing (5 of the same thing).
  • When they arrive have them put their name on 5 slips of paper, and put them into a basket.
  • Have everyone draw 5 names (not their own and no doubles).
  • Go in a circle starting with the bride, explain your favorite thing, and give your 5 things to the people that are on your papers.

Tips: You can leave it simple or enhance the theme by saying 5 of your favorite kitchen items, date night items, etc. Also, you can give a price limit if you want to make sure this game doesn’t keep those on a tight budget from being able to attend.

Then everyone leaves with 5 of their friend’s favorite things! It’s like a party favor but WAY better.

At-Home Spa Day

If you like the idea of going glam with a spa day but want to stay in, turn your living room into a spa. Have everyone paint each other’s nails while you watch My Best Friend’s Wedding or another romantic comedy.

Find a massage therapist who will come to your living room for chair massages while everyone soaks their feet and tries fun face masks. You can get a huge variety pack of sheet masks on Amazon at a really affordable price.

Good Clean Fun Bachelorette Party Games

There are also tons of fun Alcohol-Free Bachelorette games on Pinterest and Etsy you can download and print out to play. Or you could simply play a favorite board game like Apples to Apples or Pictionary.

Time to start planning an awesome alcohol-free bachelorette party!

No matter what kind of party you decide on from a fun run to a day at the spa, make sure to make the bride feel special! Give her some sort of bride sash or other Bride-to-be apparel to wear during your fun together.

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alcohol-free bachelorette party ideas

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