AllSeated: A Free Tool You Can’t Afford Not To Use

Google Sheets. Powerpoint. Doodles on legal pads. Printed copies of emails. Those are just a few of the tools I used when planning my wedding. Between tracking RSVPs, coordinating with vendors and laying out the venue, I found it difficult to efficiently coordinate all the details and ensure nothing slipped through the cracks.

Moreover, one of the more challenging aspects of wedding planning was creating a seating chart that accommodated all my guests and ensured they sat with their friends.

Today, I’m excited to share with you a new tool that not only eases these stresses of wedding planning, but makes arranging venues and seating guests a breeze.

So much in the wedding planning process is expensive and stress-producing — thankfully, the tools from AllSeated are the complete opposite of all of that!

AllSeated is a free tool that enables brides to design and scale floorplans, organize and manage seating charts, keep track of RSVP’s and guest lists, and easily coordinate the details with their wedding planners and/or venues. And did I mention, it’s completely free! #budgetsavvy
AllSeated - Event Details

My Favorite Features of AllSeated

Manage Your Guest List 

The brilliance of AllSeated is its ability to organize the guest list. When I was planning my wedding, I used Google Sheets for arranging tables, keeping track of addresses, documenting RSVPs —  you name it! Though it worked ok, it was easy to overlook guests and fail to see the bigger picture of my reception. AllSeated takes care of that.

AllSeated: A Free Tool You Can’t Afford Not To UseVenue Layout in 3D

In AllSeated, you can create a diagram of your venue, and then view it in 3D. You can arrange the tables, buffets, dance floors, etc. and assign your guests to certain tables. AllSeated is currently compiling a library with popular venues. If you’re venue isn’t in AllSeated’s database, you can upload a file or send a diagram to their office and they’ll upload it for you.

AllSeated - Seating Chart - Guest Names

Add Guests to Tables as They RSVP

You can easily add guests to tables as they RSVP, and easily move them if a table becomes full or overbooked.

AllSeated - seating chartCollaborate with Others

You can invite others to layout the venue and assign guests tables with you. If you’re unsure the best way to seat your fiancé’s family and friends because you hardly know them, you can invite your mother-in-law to assign guests to specific tables.

Manage Multiple Layouts and Events

AllSeated isn’t just for your reception. It is also perfect way to communicate with your vendors the layout you would like for your ceremony venue and cocktail hour. You could also use it if you’re planning a formal rehearsal dinner.

Other Handy Features

Work with Vendors and your Entourage.

You can invite other vendors to join your event so they can see all your plans. This would be especially handy if you’re having someone do calligraphy for your place cards or having a friend decorate your venue for you.

AllSeated - timeline

Event Timelines.

You can also create your timeline in AllSeated that is accessible to your vendors.

Sort meals.

If you’re offering meal options, you can note those as RSVP, which is handy for your vendors.

AllSeated is a must have for any bride planning a wedding. It allows planners, vendors and the couple to efficiently coordinate in addition to tracking RSVPs and creating seating charts. AllSeated simplifies and streamlines wedding planning logistics and is a tool that should be in every couple’s toolbox.

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This post is sponsored by AllSeated, but all opinions are our own. We only share tools and resources we truly believe in and recommend to our readers!

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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