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If you're a budget savvy bride, chances are you're looking to score a deal on just about everything when it comes to your wedding- including the rings! If you consider the items you plan to purchase when you get married, your wedding bands are the one thing that you'll keep forever as a physical symbol of the commitment that you share with your new spouse. Especially when it comes to your groom, you will want to make sure his wedding ring is durable and attractive while remaining affordable for your budget. There are many different options for metal wedding rings, whether your taste is for gold or platinum, but consider these three alternative metal wedding rings as an option where they have the durable and affordable thing down pat!


Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

If you're not familiar with tungsten carbine, this material has been around and in use for years for mostly industrial purposes. Only within the last ten years or so have you been able to find it in jewelry, but the extreme hardness of the metal is very desirable for jewelers because it's mostly scratch resistant! When alloyed in a carbide process, tungsten has the hardness of a diamond- which in case you didn't know is the earth's hardest natural occurring substance. It's 5x harder than gold and 3x harder than platinum. Get why it's so amazing for a ring? Especially for men, this intense durability is needed to keep the ring looking perfect forever! Wedding bands made in tungsten carbide give you and your man peace of mind that his ring can be worn every day without fear of scratching or scuffing even in the roughest circumstances. Durability + affordability = budget savvy approval in my book!



cobalt chrome Alternative Wedding Band

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

Like tungsten wedding bands, cobalt chrome wedding rings also provide a high level of scratch resistance due to their hardness. The difference is that cobalt chrome is more malleable or stretchy. Sometimes harder materials are ruled out because it makes the rings brittle which could result in a chipped or broken ring. What cobalt bands lack in scratch resistance, they make up for in being shatterproof. Cobalt Chrome has a natural white hue, whereas with a white gold band you'll need yearly rhodium plating to keep their bright white shine- this earns budget savvy points for sure!




ceramic Alternative Wedding Band

Ceramic Wedding Bands

Ceramic material is likely something you are all familiar with, but I am willing to bed you've never considered it for your wedding bands. In addition to being extremely affordable in price, ceramic wedding rings are as durable as the floor in your kitchen or bathroom. They are meant to last a very long time, despite repeated wear and tear. As an added bonus, ceramic rings come in a variety of colors and are extremely lightweight. Wedding rings made in ceramic can come in every color of the rainbow. An affordable ceramic wedding band will give you the style you are looking with amazing durability for a long-lasting wedding ring option!


What do you think of these alternative metal rings? Would you consider one of these for your groom (or yourself?)

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