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This Site Will Help You Find an Alternative Wedding Venue

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The location for your big day plays a big part in the cost. Enter Peerspace– a great resource to find alternative wedding venue options that cost less than a traditional venue!

This Site Will Help You Find an Alternative Wedding Venue

One of the biggest ways to cut your costs for your wedding day is to find an affordable wedding venue, which in most cases is easier said than done. Finding a cost-effective venue to host your ceremony or reception can be one of the most challenging parts of the planning process, especially if you live in a major metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles. If you’re not lucky enough to have connections via family or friends with venue spaces in a big city, then you may have trouble finding something that fits the bill. That is, until now!

If you’ve ever spent hours researching venues, you’ll know how annoying this process can be. Many venue websites don’t even include pricing information! It’s all so secretive! Well, I recently discovered a new website that can help you find unique venues at different price points in your city! It’s kind of like the Airbnb of event/meeting venues, and it’s called Peerspace.

Use Peerspace to find unique and alternative wedding venues

Midtown NYC Event Space

Find unique and alternative wedding venues on Peerspace
Midtown NYC Event Space | See listing on Peer Space

Peerspace is an online marketplace where hosts list and rent short-term venues for events. Their spaces are great for anything from showers, wedding ceremonies, receptions, engagement photoshoots, and even proposals! If you consider yourself to be non-traditional folks and want to have a small or intimate wedding, chances are you’ll find a unique alternative venue option on Peerspace.

Chicago Rental available on Peerspace
Historic Mansion Property in Chicago | See listing on Peerspace

From rustic farmhouses in the Bay Area, to chic NYC lofts, or historic buildings in Chicago, Peerspace makes it super simple to find and book a venue for your wedding related activity. With thousands of listings available in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin and Seattle, there are unconventional spots that will match the style of any couple -from hipster breweries to contemporary art galleries, there is something for everyone.

Rooftop Venue in NYC available to rent via Peerspace

Find unique and alternative wedding venues on Peerspace
Rooftop venue available for rent in NYC. | See on Peerspace

How Peerspace works:

  • Pick a location and the type of event you’re hosting
  • Peerspace gives recommendations based on the amenities you need, guest count, style, and your price range.
  • Found a space you like? Connect directly with its owner to book it and receive additional information.

It’s really that simple!

You can even browse possible locations using their handy map feature, so you can find a venue in a specific area of town. There are options to fit any size and shape of wedding you could imagine, from tiny intimate spaces to sprawling lofts that can hold hundreds of guests. And their venues aren’t just perfect for weddings, but for all wedding-related events!

Raw Space in Tribeca NYC
Raw Space in Tribeca NYC | See the listing on Peerspace

The space above is in Tribeca and can host up to 100 attendees and can be rented for $75/hour! That’s a budget-savvy reception space if I ever saw one, especially in NYC.

  • Proposals
  • Receptions
  • Engagement parties
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Bridal Showers
  • Engagement announcement/save the date photo shoots
  • Even boudoir photoshoots!

One of our favorite features is the ability to browse by the type of event you want to host for even more inspiration! You’re sure to find some unique alternatives to traditional and more expensive venues to host a wedding.

Historic Church in Austin available to rent on Peerspace

Find unique and alternative wedding venues on Peerspace
Historic Church in Austin | See listing on Peerspace

Pricing for rentals can vary, but there are options available from under $100 an hour, with the majority I saw falling less then $500 per hour. I know that sounds like ALOT, but it’s actually pretty budget-friendly when you’re considering a venue in a city like NYC. The best part about Peerspace is the pricing info is completely transparent, so you can peruse their options based on what you are willing and able to spend. In many instances, Peerspace offers a less expensive way to find a super unique space for your wedding or event!

More than just a venue

Not only does Peerspace offer a selection of unique venues to rent for events, they also share so many other resources. As an added bonus, Peerspace has a concierge team to find and manage other vendors you need for your event. From catering to furniture rental, valet to security, they have recommendations to offer that can save you hours of research.  This can be majorly helpful, especially if you’re choosing to rent a raw space!

Check out Peerspace if you’re planning a wedding in one of the major cities in which they are located. Peerspace takes the frustration out of the venue search by giving you transparent pricing information and direct access to venues. Peerspace also vets every host/venue, so you can feel confident in the professionalism of the places you’re renting. If you live in a major metropolitan area and need a budget-friendly alternative venue for your wedding, visit Peerspace to check out the available spots in your city!

FYI: This post is not sponsored, but we may receive commission for referred bookings. We authentically thought this resource would be helpful to our readers in major cities. B$B knows the struggle is real when it comes to finding alternative wedding venues in big cities.


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