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7 Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship

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Put nurturing your relationship on your wedding planning to-do list! Try out these helpful relationship apps to work on communication and connection with your soon-to-be-spouse.

7 Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship

There’s nothing more important than love. In the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, though, making the time and setting the intention to nurture your relationship can become a challenge. With all the other wedding planning tasks and to-do’s on your wedding checklist, it can be easy to forgo this important work as you prepare to head into marriage.

At B$B, we’re all about helping you focus on what matters most. To help you find small ways to prioritize this important pre-wedding prep work, we’re sharing some handy apps that give you simple ways to connect. Use these apps for couples with your partner to cultivate a deeper connection before you head down the aisle!

Apps for Couples to Improve Connection & Communication

If you’re hoping to bolster your connection amidst the frenzy of wedding planning, try these helpful apps for couples.

Lasting - Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship


  • Best For: Couples hoping to work on communication
  • Cost: $29.99 per month or $89.99 for six months
  • Issues Targeted: Emotional intimacy, trust

Talkspace made a splash in the therapy world when they launched in 2012. Now, relationship experts backed by Talkspace are hoping to revolutionize the couples counseling space with Lasting. Based on the Gottman method of couples therapy, the app promises to show users how to “love better.” Lasting sends you gentle nudges throughout the day, helping to remind you to text your partner expressions of gratitude and guide you through difficult conversations. It’s a helpful way to record your conversations and return back to them time and time again.

The average couple waits six years after they’ve discovered an issue before seeking counseling. While Lasting is no substitute for actual couples counseling, it can help you dip your toes into the therapy world when life feels too busy for the real thing. The app promises to spark important conversations in the present, allowing you to tackle challenges before they become unmanageable. There’s even a free trial to get you started – sign up today using code LOVE for one free week of service. 

Agape - Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship


  • Best For: Long distance couples
  • Cost: Free with additional premium features
  • Issues Targeted: Relationship wellness, daily maintenance

The term agapé – pronounced ah-gah-pay –  refers to the highest form of love. That’s what developers had in mind when they created an app by the same name. Each day, the Agapé app prompts users to answer a thoughtful question to spark meaningful conversation. The questions range from funny and exciting to bold and even a little spicy. After you and your partner respond, you’ll be able to see each other’s answers and earn points towards free rewards. It’s truly the best way to delve deeper into understanding your love, values, and priorities.

Relationship wellness can seem like a chore, but apps like Agapé make it easy to connect with your future husband or wife. Actively shifting your mindset around relationship-building activities can really do wonders for your connection. By pursuing activities that strengthen and enrich your relationship, you invest a little more of yourself each day. Agapé makes it easy and fun to actively practice relationship wellness, all with a daily question. Sign up now to begin understanding yourself, your partner, and your relationship a little more each day!

Relish - Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship


  • Best For: Navigating tough conversations
  • Cost: $99 for six months
  • Issues Targeted: Compatibility, emotional intimacy

Behavioral changes and habit-forming come from consistently doing little things. Small, meaningful actions help relationships stay healthy. These are the principles upon which the Relish app is based. Download this relationship wellness app, and you’ll be given a psychology-based assessment to gauge the health of your partnership. The results are used to generate unique insight into your relationship and create fully-customized lessons to help keep your partnership healthy. 

Relish isn’t therapy. It is, however, an excellent way for couples to improve their communication skills. Whether you’ve been together for two months or two decades, the coaches at Relish can help you identify challenges and develop strategies to tackle even the most stubborn of issues. What’s especially cool about this therapy app for couples is that you only need to pay for one subscription. Once you create an account and subscribe, you can send an invite to your partner to join free of charge. Take the quiz and get started – just five minutes a day can help you feel closer to your fiancee. 

Coral - Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship


  • Best For: Spicing up your relationship
  • Cost: $59.99 annually
  • Issues Targeted: Desire, pleasure, and confidence in the bedroom

Talking about sex can be a little awkward, even when discussing it with the person we love most in the world. If you’re eager to achieve greater intimacy in your relationship or just want to open the lines of communication, Coral may be the solution. This sexual wellness app was designed to enhance your sex life through lessons, quizzes, and exercises. Non-threatening and flirty, Coral is a great way to ease into conversations about desire, pleasure, confidence, and connection.

Downloading the app is the first step, but once you’ve joined the community, there are endless possibilities to learn and connect. Monthly Date Night events are held by CEO and founder Isharna Walsh and various sex and relationship experts. The guided, interactive experiences are a great way to build intimacy into your monthly routine. With regular Date Nights on the calendar, prioritizing your connection becomes second nature. Download Coral now!

Lover - Apps for Couples That Will Help Improve Your Relationship


  • Best For: Improving your sex life
  • Cost: $9.99 a month
  • Issues Targeted: Common intimacy issues like mismatched libidos and performance anxiety

More than one-third of Americans say they’re unsatisfied in the bedroom. If you can relate, give Lover a try. It’s a science-based app designed to help anyone struggling with their sex drive, ability to achieve orgasm, or couples simply hoping to up the spice level in the bedroom. Sex is a shameful topic for many people, and Lover aims to normalize conversations about sexual health. Like a personal trainer for your sex life, the app uses exercises created by doctors to treat common intimacy problems. A shocking 87 percent of users report improvements – with such glowing reviews, Lover is definitely worth a download!

The app works by first identifying which area of your sex life you’d like to improve. Then, you’ll receive a personalized plan of expert advice and exercises to help you meet your goals. Audio and video training from specialists make every step of the process easy. If the idea of making an appointment with a sex therapist in person is just a little too far out of your comfort zone, Lover is an excellent way to explore challenges in a safe, relaxed way. At just $9.99 a month, this investment is a true no-brainer.

Love Wick - Relationship App

Love Wick

  • Best For: Making Time Together Quality Time
  • Cost: FREE
  • Issues Targeted: Helps couples feel closer with a library of questions, date ideas, and relationship advice

Lovewick is a completely free relationship app available on iOS and Android with over 250k registered users. They are dedicated to helping couples cultivate fun and successful relationships by providing an intimate space where they can:

  • Spark meaningful conversations and discover things they didn’t know about one another
  • Keep track of all the special moments they share together by digitally scrapbooking relationship milestones and memories into a chronological timeline
  • Keep a pulse on their relationship with a mini-journal where they can share their moods and feelings
  • Show appreciation for one another through a community-powered library with hundreds of unique ideas for dates and romantic gestures, wishlists to organize future trips and gifts, and detailed profiles to store notes about each other’s favorite things

New relationship questions and date ideas are added to this free couples app weekly! What’s more savvy than free?

Official - Relationship App


  • Best For: Creating healthy and lasting habits.
  • Cost: $124.99 for a lifetime membership
  • Issues Targeted: Helps foster communication and connection to keep couples together!

Official is built to help couples stay together. Official gamifies traditional therapy and helps couples stay proactive in addressing potential relationship concerns.

It starts when you and your partner get Official (on the app, we don’t need to tell you your relationship status). When you get Official, you gain access to a ton of convenient, easy-to-use features like:

  • Plan a Date: Swipe through ideas, match with your partner, and plan your next date
  • Check-In: Daily Check-ins to ensure you and your partner are on the same page
  • Daily Question: Learn new things about each other every day, whether you’ve been together for four weeks or 4 years
  • Love Buttons: Experience communication with your partner in new ways by sending virtual hugs, kisses, and good vibes or by pressing the “I Need Attention,” “Let’s Dip,” and “In the Mood” buttons.
  • Upcoming: Keep track of your planned dates and never forget a birthday or anniversary.
  • Memories: Post your dates privately or publicly to treasure your memories and share ideas with the Official Community
  • Notes: Create private or shared notes about anything from your bucket list together to a list of your partner’s favorite things

These features allow you to connect with your partner, in the same city or in a long-distance relationship. Official can be used as an outlet for advice to deepen your relationship and help you create life-lasting experiences with the ones you love most.

Making Your Relationship a Priority

Amid all the checklists and to-do’s of planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. While it’s true that planning for the big day can be stressful at times, the process can offer unique opportunities to cultivate a stronger relationship.

By kindling your relationship and growing your connection through the aforementioned apps, you can get back to the heart of what really matters: your partnership. When your relationship starts feeling like an afterthought instead of the main priority, it’s time to make a change.

Happily ever after isn’t the end – it’s really just the beginning! By explicitly understanding your partner’s values, it’s easier to fulfill their desires. Take some of the guesswork out of communication with help from these apps. You might be surprised at how helpful they can really be!

Have you tried any of these mobile apps for couples before? Join us in the community to discuss all things relationship health!

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Put nurturing your relationship on your wedding planning to-do list! Try out these helpful relationship apps to work on communication and connection with your soon-to-be-spouse.
Put nurturing your relationship on your wedding planning to-do list! Try out these helpful relationship apps to work on communication and connection with your soon-to-be-spouse.
Put nurturing your relationship on your wedding planning to-do list! Try out these helpful relationship apps to work on communication and connection with your soon-to-be-spouse.


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