How to Ask the Groomsmen to Be Part of Your Big Day

Adam is a very creative and handy man. He loves to get into different projects, mostly building things (tool sheds), restoring things (the airstream!), but he can get down with some crafty things too- like my hand-carved engagement ring box!

However, to be honest, I was a little bit surprised when he started crafting things for the wedding that were all on his own accord.

Ask Groomsmen

Adam and I have so many amazing friends and family members and, as I said in my bridesmaids post, it was very difficult for us to choose only a few of them to stand by us on the most special day of our lives. When I was a (tad bit) worried about there being SO many people in our wedding party, he explained to me that these guys all grew up with him and he wouldn't have it any other way. And I agreed! Who cares what Martha stewart says about guest to wedding party ratio. blah.

Anyway! He also did away with the idea of a Best Man. He refers to all of the guys in the wedding party as the “Great Eight” or his Best Men. I love it. He thought of this clever way to ask groomsmen to be in our wedding.

Plan a Virtual Wedding


It did take him a little while to get all of these gifts out to his best men, and to be honest, he has two more to send out! I doubt any of those guys will read or see this though so it's all good, I have put it off as long as I could!

Best Men Gift

He put together a box with the shirt the men will wear in the wedding as well as a hand-written note and some awesome throwback photos. I read the one he wrote to his brother and I was a bit teary eyed. I blame wedding emotions. 🙂

It was also fun to look at all of the old photos! So great!

Did you ask the men/groomsmen/best men to be in your wedding in a special way?

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