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Budget Savvy Beauty : Five At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments to Try

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at-home teeth whitening treatments

As a bride to be, you want to look your best on your wedding day, and that includes having a big, beautiful WHITE smile on your wedding day! Your teeth will be on full display on your big day since you’ll be grinning from ear to ear, so you may be tempted to try out some whitening treatments. Before you go blowing a ton of money on a professional treatment at the dentist, you should consider some of the more affordable options that you can try from the comfort of your own home. In this post, we rounded up five different at-home teeth whitening treatments you can try! Check out our assessments below!

At-home teeth whitening treatments to try -- get your smile bright for your big day!

Five at-home teeth whitening treatments to try

Luster Pro Light

The Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System is clinically proven to brighten your smile up to six shades! Developed by dentists, Luster Pro Light works to reverse time by erasing years of stains using the same whitening light technology found in dental offices. The kit includes a bottle of AcceleRinse to pre-treat teeth, a Whitening Serum with active dental peroxide, a patented Dual-Action Whitening Light for optimal whitening (the only one available at retail that is FDA cleared), batteries, a shade guide and quick-reference guide. No messy strips or trays and best of all – ZERO SENSITIVITY!! I was pretty impressed with this product’s ease of use, affordability, and effectiveness! I definitely saw a noticeable improvement!

Price: $43.99 at Walmart. Buy it here. 

Glo Teeth Whitener

GLO Science Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

The Glo device is a more advanced, premium blue light product, and it comes at a more premium product. I’d also venture to say it’s a bit more involved or complicated than the Luster. G.L.O. stands for guided light optics, which is the technology this device utilizes. The light gently warms the hydrogen peroxide gel, giving you faster and more efficient whitening results without the sensitivity. The kit comes complete with Whitening Gel vials, an ultra-hydrating mint flavored GLO Lip Treatment, and a convenient USB charging port. PS, all the whitening gels are vegan, safe for people with a penicillin allergy, and formulated without triclosans, gluten, soy, nuts, or latex. I used this product for a while and while I was happy with my results, I would probably recommend the Luster pro based on the ease of use and affordability.

Price: $220 at Amazon. Buy it here.

Crest White Strips

Crest Whitestrips

We’ve sung the praises of the Crest Whitestrips here on BSB several times because they are affordable and effective. While I’ve personally experienced a bit of sensitivity from using the product, many others love and swear by them! They are available in a variety of different versions to address specific needs or to speed up results. Best of all, you can buy these pretty much anywhere and they are super convenient to use, even while traveling. No need for accessories, fancy gels, rinses, etc. If you’re looking for something affordable, convenient, and portable, Crest Whitestrips are your best bet.

Price: $43.99 on Amazon. Buy it here.

Dazzling White Pen

Another product that was great for on-the-go types was the Dazzling White Pen. This simple pen can be toted along in your purse to touch up the whiteness to your teeth on the go. I’ve loved keeping this in my makeup bag when I’m out and about for a quick dose of whitening. You just use the brush pen to apply it to your teeth, then it’s important to keep your lips / gums from touching your teeth for about 10 minutes, so it kinda forces you to “smile!” Never a bad thing, right? It’s recommended to use this a couple of times a day for a week to see up to 4 shades of improvement.

Price: $4.99 on Amazon. Buy it here.

Nuskin AP 24 Toothpaste

I was seeing posts floating around on Facebook about this miracle toothpaste so I decided to check it out. While I purchased it directly from a friend who was selling it, you can also get it on Amazon. People were posting their results and I was impressed enough to give it a shot. Personally, I didn’t have great results with this product. I think with everything you have to find what’s best for you, and unfortunately, this wasn’t it for me. And when it comes to toothpaste, I think I’d rather stick with the affordable stuff that has been just as effective.

Price: $15 on Amazon. Buy it here.


New for 2020: We love the whitening kits by BrideBrite and GroomGlow as they provide the premium all-in-one teeth whitening experience. With Bride Brite, you will not only get the ultimate dentist designed whitening kit, but you will also receive an exclusive program on how to guarantee pearly whites for that special day. All it takes is 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

Need one of each? You can get a great deal on both the BrideBrite and GroomGlow through our link here.

Price: $119.95+ on BrideBrite. Buy it here.

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