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How Much Does the Average Honeymoon Cost?

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Are you wondering how much an average honeymoon costs? Read on to see the overall statistics and breakdown of each honeymoon expense area!


The honeymoon is one of the most anticipated events of any wedding. After all the wedding planning stress that comes with organizing the big day, it’s nice to get away with your new spouse and relax in a beautiful destination. But how much does an average honeymoon cost? And how can you ensure that you stay within your budget while still having an incredible experience? Let’s break down the costs so you can plan your perfect honeymoon

Average Cost of A Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is an exciting and often daunting task. After all, it’s one of the biggest vacations you’ll ever take! But just how much does your average honeymoon cost?

The average cost for a honeymoon in the United States can range from around $3,500 to upwards of $12,000 or more, depending on the location and length of your trip. International honeymoons can cost even more, with average costs ranging from $7,000 to upwards of $20,000 or more.

Factors that influence average honeymoon cost include the type of accommodations you choose (hotel vs. all-inclusive resort), transportation costs, and the activities you take part in. For example, a weeklong stay at an all-inclusive resort may average around $8,000 – $10,000, while spending the same amount of time in a city with cheaper accommodation options or opting for road trips can average much less.

Additionally, depending on where you go and what you do, average honeymoon costs will vary and can add up quickly. For example, a romantic dinner out with expensive bottles of wine can easily set you back $100 or more.

If the average cost for your average honeymoon is putting a strain on your budget, there are several ways to reduce the overall cost while still having an unforgettable time.

Items To Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

There are several factors to consider when planning your average honeymoon cost, starting with your accommodations and location selection – the biggest expenses!


Accommodations are likely going to be your biggest expense when it comes to honeymooning. Prices for lodging will vary depending on where you go, but some general guidelines include budgeting $200-$300/night for a basic hotel room, $400-600/night for a nicer hotel, and $800+/night for a luxury resort.

If there are off-season deals available, you may be able to get a great deal. Also consider whether or not you want an all-inclusive package deal—if so, this will save money by bundling everything together in one cost. 

Location Selection 

The location of your honeymoon is likely to be the biggest factor affecting your budget. Some popular destinations are significantly more expensive than others. For example, if you’re looking for a beach getaway, Mexico or Jamaica will definitely be cheaper than France or Italy. Think carefully about what type of experience you want to have and select a destination that fits within your budget. 

Travel Costs 

Flights can also differ widely in price depending on when and where you fly from/to. Try to book flights as far in advance as possible (ideally at least four months) to take advantage of lower prices. Also consider flying midweek instead of over the weekend for an even better deal—the savings can really add up!

Airfare & Transportation 

Airfare is usually going to be the second biggest expense after accommodations. When looking at flights, try booking your ticket as far ahead as possible to get the best prices.

As far as ground transportation goes, rental cars or public transit may be cheaper than taxi services when traveling within cities or towns; however, taxis can be the more convenient option after long flights if you don’t want to worry about navigating unfamiliar roads or finding parking! 

Miscellaneous Expenses    

Once you have accommodations and travel covered, it’s time to start thinking about all of the miscellaneous expenses associated with your trip. Food is obviously going to be something you’ll need; depending on where you go and what kind of restaurants you visit, expect anywhere from $20-$75 per person per meal (or more).

Other expenses include activities like sightseeing tours, museums or amusement parks; souvenirs; entertainment (shows, clubs); spa treatments; etc.—all of which can add up quickly if not budgeted for properly! 

No matter what size budget you’re working with, there are sure to be amazing memories and special moments to be had. With a little creativity, you can create the perfect honeymoon without breaking the bank. Our advice is to try to save on getting there and splurge on the experience once you arrive.

How To Have A Budget-Conscious Yet Still Amazing Honeymoon

Consider booking a package deal, traveling to a less expensive destination, or taking advantage of early-bird deals and discounts. If an epic honeymoon is your dream, consider skipping the traditional wedding registry and look into creating a honeymoon registry with a platform like Honeyfund or Zola. A honeymoon fund allows your friends and family to contribute towards your trip, which can enhance your honeymoon budget!

Here are some tips for budgeting and keeping your expenses in check:

  • Research different honeymoon destinations before booking.
  • Consider the type of trip you desire: are you looking for adventure or something more relaxing?
  • Look for the best times to visit your desired destination and consider booking an off-peak honeymoon trip during low seasons.  
  • Consider all-inclusive packages or discounted travel deals.
  • Look for flight deals, hotels with free amenities, and discounts on food and activities.
  • Budget for extras like souvenirs, special dinners, and spa treatments.
  • Choose a destination that fits your interests and budget.
  • Redeem credit card rewards for free or discounted travel or accommodation.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make sure that your average honeymoon cost is well within your budget while still providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

At the end of the day, how much you spend on your honeymoon should be determined by your budget and preferences. Feel free to ignore the average honeymoon costs figures, especially if they are way out of your budget. By researching destinations, staying within your limits, and taking advantage of discounts and deals, you can have an unforgettable post-wedding vacation without breaking the bank.

How Much Does Your Average Honeymoon Cost?

Planning your dream honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank! With careful planning and research into all expenses associated with your trip—from airfare and accommodations down to food and entertainment—you’ll be able to create an amazing experience that fits your budget perfectly. All it takes is a bit of time investment before the big day arrives—but trust us when we say it’s worth every minute spent! Happy honeymooning!

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