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Avoid Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions with these Handy Fashion Solutions

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Avoid wedding wardrobe malfunctions with these handy fashion solutions to save the day. From nip slips to Marilyn moments, we’ve got products to prevent them all!


Protect yourself from any wedding day wardrobe malfunctions with these handy products!

In case you didn’t already know, wedding days are long days. Most wedding days last 8 hours or more– from hair and makeup through the couple’s reception getaway! This fact is most true for those participating in the wedding party– bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Often, you’re wearing the same clothes from start to finish… so choosing comfortable attire is key! Not only is comfort a huge factor, but choosing items that ensure that your attire doesn’t slip, rip or cause any other sort of wardrobe malfunction is important as well. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of products to help keep wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum! Check them out and/or purchase them below!

Prevent a “Marilyn” Moment

Perhaps the wedding is taking place outside and the bridesmaids’ dresses are knee-length and made from easy-breezy chiffon. Yes, it sounds lovely, but what if a gust of wind blows through during the ceremony, exposing the undies of all of the bridesmaids? Major oops! Keep dresses in place with either of these products. Dress Downs Garment Weights or Dress Weights by Dress Strong are both designed to add a little bit of stealthy extra weight to the skirt of a dress to keep it from flying up in the wind.

Prevent Peekaboos


Wearing a low-cut dress and worried about overexposure? Or perhaps you want to keep your bra straps from poking out? Try Showstoppers double-stick designer tape to keep garments in check for the ultimate in wardrobe malfunction prevention. Never worry about a nip slip again! Other similar products include Scotch Wardrobe Tape Strips or Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Avoid Embarrassment

hollywood fashion secrets nipple covers

Let’s face it – there are some things that are difficult to control, like your nipples. Avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment with nip-related mishaps with these handy silicone nipple covers from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. They’ll keep a smooth look under any dress so you could even go braless without worry. Plus, they’re reusable/washable! Wardrobe malfunctions avoided.

Prevent Swollen Feet

Still Standing Total Comfort Set

This product will help keep your feet from looking puffy and swollen in your wedding heels after hours of standing. Just spray Still Standing on feet before putting them into shoes, and it helps extend wearing time by preventing discomfort and swelling. It’s natural and has Certified Organic Eco-Distilled™ Arnica, Aloe, and Ilex as well as cooling menthol.  And it’s Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and most importantly drug-free to avoid numbing feet in any way. Definitely worth a try for an extra-long wedding day!

Avoid Shoe-related Wobbles


Solemates are the original, patented, and best way to protect your high heels– these little additions to your shoes keep you from sinking into the grass during outdoor weddings, so you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing trip or fall! They come in handy for any sort of unstable ground, from grass to cobblestone to carpet– giving your heels a little more stability to walk gracefully. They come in an assortment of colors and sizes to best coordinate with your outfit!

Smooth Pantylines, Bulges or Rolls

Of course one of our favorite items for help in the wardrobe department is a trusty pair of Spanx! This high-powered shapewear helps smooth lines made my panty lines, as well as pull your body in firmly and tightly for a smooth and bump-free silhouette. Once you’ve tried Spanx and seen the results, you’ll love wearing them under any form-fitting dress to feel your best!

Keep the Girls in Place

You’ve found the perfect dress, but what if it’s not the most compatible with typical bras? There’s a solution for that! Created by professional make-up artist, Dawn Jackson, Bosom Couture® Boob Glue is a fashion solution that “uplifts” and takes the stress out of getting dressed. From A-DDD+, Bosom Couture’s® clear adhesive roll-on will keep your breasts lifted up and perfectly in place, exactly where you position them and in just about anything. Perfect for dresses with open backs or strapless gowns to keep your girls from looking droopy or unflattering, no matter what you wear.

Are you worried about wardrobe malfunctions on your wedding day? Would you try out any of these products to look picture perfect for the big day?

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Avoid wedding wardrobe malfunctions with these handy fashion solutions to save the day. From nip slips to Marilyn moments, we've got products to prevent them all!
Avoid wedding wardrobe malfunctions with these handy fashion solutions to save the day. From nip slips to Marilyn moments, we've got products to prevent them all!


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