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During and after my wedding, I received numerous compliments on the veil I wore.  From my experience, I feel choosing the right veil really completes your overall look.  When I first started searching for wedding dresses, I thought I might like a shorter style veil, or a bird cage veil.  After I choose my dress and tried on shorter veils with it, I didn’t think they complimented the dress at all. Surprisingly, I actually liked longer veil styles.

veil styles
The birdcage style veil
veil styles
Vs. the longer style veil. But for $1,000? I don't think so!

The longer style veils I tried on in the dress store had prices which ranged from $500-$1,000+.  OUCH! Maybe these were designer veils, I had no clue, but whoever hears about wearing a designer veil at their wedding anyway? I was set I wanted a cathedral veil with lace edging, so using my rule of three’s (price out three different options from three different vendors) I began searching online at home for similar options.

I did find a veil I liked from David’s Bridal, but it was still priced over $300.  I had no desire spend that much on something I’ll wear for maybe half an hour!

Next I priced out what lace trim would cost at JoAnn Fabrics.  I found several options I liked ranging from $13 – $35/yard.  Granted I knew I could use a 40% coupon, but I was still looking at a $30-$50 veil project. Not out of the question, but I’d rather purchase something already made if I could find one.

So, I took to eBay.  I was a little leery purchasing something I hadn’t seen in person, but found a veil I liked from a company in China for $26 after shipping.  For $26, I figured I could take a risk and purchased it.  Later on, I found the same exact veil on Etsy listed for $565!!!

veil styles

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the veil looked when it arrived. Granted, it wasn’t the same quality of lace as the $1,000 veil, but for a sliver of the price (Almost as much as I would have paid in sales tax on the $300 veil) it suited my needs! The eBay veil didn’t come with a hair clip, but I was able to purchase a comb for under $10 at JoAnn’s and hand sewed the veil to the comb.

veil styles
Photo credit: OMG Photography

As a word of advice, just as you're trying on multiple dresses until you find “the one” go ahead and try on different veils, too. You never know what you'll end up with!

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I'm a 30 year old engineer from Michigan. My fiance and I are in the process of planning our wedding for May of 2014. We love to travel and are incorporating many finds from places we've visited into our wedding. I'm also a self proclaimed, "Boarder-line Extreme Couponer" and love snagging a great deal on wedding stuff!

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  • I should’ve asked you to be my pen pal long ago! I followed the same path as you in picking a veil and was still feeling unsure until the moment I put it on after I was fully dressed. Your veil choice–stunning!

  • Samantha

    I’ve had a lot of discussions with people about making ethical purchases v. your budget. Did you have any concern about purchasing the veil from China re: unfair labor practices and copycatting designs?

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