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BBQ Wedding Ideas: Plan a Low Key “I Do” Barbecue Wedding

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Looking for a fun and laid-back option for your wedding day? Throw an I Do BBQ! Learn how simple it is to throw a backyard bash to celebrate your big day.


BBQ weddings are meant for the couple that is low-key and wants simplicity on their wedding day! Backyard weddings have become more popular in recent years as the costs of wedding festivities have skyrocketed. Hosting a wedding in friends’ or family’s backyard eases stress and is cost-effective!

The decorations and food make a BBQ wedding thrive. From the classic picnic tablecloths to many meat options, guests will enjoy a laid-back day while celebrating their closest friends! BBQ weddings can take place anywhere with the right decorations!

Below are ideas for a BBQ wedding; we have rounded up decoration ideas, invitations, food and drinks to serve, lawn games, and catering displays!

BBQ Wedding Decor Ideas

When planning a BBQ wedding, decorations are key to making the space seem as “backyard low-key BBQ” as possible. From burlap to checkered tablecloths, your dream BBQ will come to life!

Burlap Wedding Banner

Amazon • $10.99

A decoration to hang anywhere at the reception! A casual piece loved by everyone to see and for a great photo op.

Personalized Wedding Signage

Etsy • $14.99

A creative way to add class to the ceremony. Start the day off right by welcoming guests with the clear intent of hosting a BBQ wedding.

Wedding Photo Backdrop

Etsy • $49.90

Ranging in sizes and styles, a backdrop for photos is what everyone loves. Providing a rustic feel to the overall theme of the day!

BBQ Wedding Supplies

Walmart • $27.97

A pack of multiple BBQ-themed decorations makes shopping easier!  I DO BBQ Balloon, a Banner, a Checkered Tablecloth, Paper Lanterns, and a blowup ring is included in this pack.

Invitations for Your Backyard BBQ Wedding

Invitations are very important and will set the tone for how the wedding day will go! When friends and family see a BBQ-themed invitation, they will know what to expect with no questions asked!

BBQ Wedding Invitation

Reception Invitation

Zazzle • $1.46

Following the ceremony comes the reception, which couples may choose to celebrate weeks or months after! If that is so, Zazzle has the perfect invitations to choose from!

BBQ Wedding Reception Invitation

Etsy • $8.95

Personally print these invitations from home, saving money and time. Themed invitations help the guests know what to expect when coming to celebrate!

Wedding Invitation Set

Amazon • $49.25

Each being customizable, a wedding invitation with RSVP cards and envelopes is perfect! Being on theme with the wedding day, they are hard not to like!

Burlap BBQ Wedding Invitation

Zazzle • $1.95

A rustic-styled wedding invitation that comes with envelopes. The options are endless in six shapes and twelve types of paper to choose from for the perfect invitations!

Food & Drink to Serve at Your BBQ Wedding 

Having a variety of meats gives guests a wide variety of options for the meal. Some will only eat chicken or are vegetarian, and others are meat lovers! The variety of food will be worth it for guests to go back for seconds or have lots of sides to choose from.


  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Pork Ribs 
  • Sirloin Steak 
  • Smoked Brisket 
  • Roasted Pig
  • Pulled Pork 


  • Baked Beans
  • Corn on the Cob 
  • Baked Potatoes 
  • Cole Slaw 
  • Bread Rolls 


  • Banana Pudding
  • Apple Pie
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Triple Berry Trifle


  • Lemonade 
  • Iced Tea 
  • Soda 
  • Canned Seltzers and Beer 
  • Sangria

Entertainment and Lawn Games

Lawn games keep people entertained and active during the in-between parts of the wedding! A great alternative to reception dancing is to offer games or activities for all guests to play, not only the bridal party! Check out this list of lawn games rounded up by our team for additional inspiration.


Target • $99.99

UV and weather-resistant game to be played long after the wedding. Vintage-inspired coming with a complete set for a game.

giant jenga

Giant Jenga

Amazon • $89.95

Three-foot-long Jenga to be played on the grass or a table. No limit to the number of people that can play, a simple game everyone enjoys.


Academy Sports • $19.99

A classic game with an easy set-up so everyone can enjoy the excitement. A two-person game goes by quick, so multiple people can join in!

4 in a Row

Wayfair • $41.01

Set up on a table, a classic game like 4 in a row is easily and quickly played!

BBQ Wedding Catering Display Ideas

With a theme like BBQ, the food display is important because there will be a lot of it! Below are a few ways to display the food at the wedding, easily accessible for everyone.

More like a charcuterie-style meal, with meats and veggies spread along the table. Lots to pick from, so every guest is satisfied.

Photo Credit: BlankCanvas

Simple food trays to keep the meal warm; there is no confusion when each is labeled in an assembly line!

Photo Credit: MissionBBQCaterers

To make the wedding even more unique, a signature sauce table made by the bride and groom is a fun twist!

Photo Credit: Natalie Franke

Something unique and loved by everyone. A french fry bar is a great idea to personalize the wedding and give guests a fun craft to partake in!

Photo Credit: FiveStarCatering

BBQ weddings are perfect for any low-key couple. The possibilities are endless for ample amounts of food and fun!

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