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Best Books for a Bride on a Budget

must read books for brides
[Updated April 2019]

Must-read wedding books for brides on a budget

Today I just wanted to share a quick post with you of some of the best books for brides on a budget! Of course, there's TONS of information and inspiration available on the internet (like this here blog, ya know!) but sometimes you just want a physical book – something you can hold in your hands. If that's your style, check out these recommended reads below!

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The Best Books for a Bride on a Budget 

Best Budget Wedding Planner

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer
by Jessica Bishop

I put the last 11 years of my knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice and packaged it up into this incredible book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer! It's filled with worksheets, checklists, and helpful exercises to help you plan the wedding you want on a budget you can afford.


Best Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Bridechilla Survival Guide by Aleisha Mccormack
The Bridechilla Survival Guide

Written by the delightful host of the Bridechilla Podcast, this book banishes the bullsh*t from planning your big day. The Bridechilla Survival Guide will free you from wedstress and the quest for perfection! It’s a refreshing and practical take on the whole process.


PS – be sure to check out the Bridechilla Field Guide and the Maidchilla Manual, too!

Best Wedding Companion Guide

a practical wedding
A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene

A Practical Wedding takes a no-nonsense approach to wedding planning. This book gives brides permission to FORGET THE RULES and do what makes YOU happy. I've always loved Meg's practical and down-to-earth advice, and I think you will, too!


Best Cheap Wedding Planning Guide

the broke ass brides wedding guide
The Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide
by Dana LaRue

My pal Dana aka The Broke-Ass Bride, wrote a great book for budget brides. Her book is much like her blog- full of quirky humor and bursting with valuable advice and tips. This is a must-have guide for brides on a budget!


Other Wedding Planning Books to consider

Best Wedding DIY Project Books Ideas

The Best Book to Learn Hand-Lettering

lettering and modern calligraphy
Lettering and Modern Calligraphy by Paper Peony Press

Learn to letter and create beautiful designs with this beginner's guide and workbook! Every page is filled with tips, tricks encouragement, and practice space to kickstart your lettering journey! Learn 5 different alphabet styles, upper and lower case letters, practice connections, and dive into design and composition with this beautiful lettering book.


The Best DIY Projects for Rustic Weddings

Rustic Chic Wedding by Morgann Hill

This book is full of creative and crafty projects that you can DIY for your wedding! Since many of our readers are into the rustic style, this book is perfect for you!! I especially love the photographs in this book- it's truly stunning!


Best Book for Handcrafted Wedding Projects

Cover_Handcrafted WeddingFINAL.indd
The Handcrafted Wedding by Emma Arendoski

The Handcrafted Wedding has over 300 ideas to take your wedding day from mundane to magnificent with the help of crafts and handmade projects. Personalizing your day with DIY is one of the best ways to leave a great impression on your guests, without costing a fortune! LOVE this book!


Other Wedding DIY and craft project Books

Money & Budgeting for General Life

Use Your Money to Create the Life (or Wedding!) You Want

Women with Money book Jean Chatzky
Women with Money by Jean Chatzky

What do most women want from their money? Independence, security, choices, a better world, and–oh yes–way less stress, not just for themselves but for their kids, partners, parents, and friends. This book shows readers how to wrap their hands around tactical solutions to take control of their money in every respect and use that money to create the lives they want!


Getting + Staying Out of Debt

Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

I read this book when I was in college- my dad gave me a copy of it as a gift. I'd say that this book definitely shaped the way I look at money and debt and has kept me on the straight and narrow when it comes to finances. A true must-read for anyone — especially if you're currently in debt!!


Managing Money in Your Marriage

jumpstart your marriage and money

Personal finance expert and host of Couple Money podcast, Elle Martinez shares her four-week plan to help couples stop worrying about money and start building wealth together. This book helps couples build open and honest communication and get started on the path to financial freedom.


Other Money and budgeting Must-Reads

Marriage + Relationship Reads

Best book for sparking conversations with your partner

the hard questions marriage and relationship book
The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” by Susan Piver

This book is filled with questions to generate important discussions that any couple should have before walking down the aisle. Use it to help spark the conversations that need to be had when preparing for your lifelong commitment.


Best book for learning how to show love to your partner

five love languages
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

The #1 Best Selling book on Marriage with over 11 million copies sold. Learn both your and your partner's primary love languages so you can show each other love in the best way. These simple ideas make cultivating a loving relationship practical and the concepts are easy to apply no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.


Other Marriage and Relationship Must-Reads

Any must-read wedding books we missed? Let us know!!

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