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The Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Manage Their Finances

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Looking for a simple way to share all of your money moves, goals, and spending with your partner? Check out these budgeting apps!


Inflation is hitting everyone hard these days, and money is a problem for every couple. Now, you and your spouse want to take your financial journey to the next level. Budgeting apps might be just what you need to get you back on track and even set some financial goals too! Here are a few personal finance apps you may want to explore with your partner. 



  • Syncs with all accounts
  • Set budgets for each spending category
  • Track spending, bill dates, net worth, and more

About the Mint App

Mint is a simple money app that assists you in managing your money. This app is considered the #1 most downloaded personal finance app and is also FREE. Once your accounts are securely linked to your Mint app, you can access several features such as bill negotiation, bill payment tracker, subscription management, budgeting, budget categorization, alerts, and even free credit score tracking. 

In addition to these features, you can also benefit from other money tips in their website’s resources section. Their resources are extensive– you can search for any topic related to money. They also have categories for life, work, investments, and taxes. Learning tips for budgeting, credit, financial planning, and financial tools will make you savvier in your personal finance journey.



  • Banking built for couples!
  • No account fees

About the Zeta App

Zeta is an app backed by Piermont Bank that provides joint bank accounts for couples to help their relationship thrive. This app may appeal to couples as there are no monthly account fees, and you also earn interest on your balance. Intuitively, this app will let you know when your balance is running low. It will also remember when your bills are due and can automatically pay them if you wish.

For example, your rent check is coming up, and you can tap to add money to cover it. You can also receive instant notification when one of you spends, deposits, or receives a refund. Like other banking apps, you can have sub-accounts to make saving easier, deposit a check by taking a photo, send money to individuals or businesses, and pay bills. Conveniently, Zeta gives you free access to 55,000 ATMs across the United States.



  • Syncs with all financial accounts
  • Free 30-day trial, then $3.99-$5.99 per month

About the Simplifi App

A personal finance app, Simplifi, helps you develop healthy financial habits, track your budget, and confidently reach your financial goals. When you sync all your financial accounts, Simplifi will help you create your financial goals, track your spending, and create a personalized budget. They also provide robust, timely insights to maximize your savings and optimize your spending to reach your goals faster. 

With a free 30-day trial, you can explore Simplifi’s features to see how easy it is to navigate and whether these features meet your needs. It has a monthly plan ($5.99) and a yearly plan ($3.99/month billed annually). Their website also has a blog that talks about personal finances if you are interested. You’ll also find a community where you can learn from others and share your successes. Simplifi helps you to make the most of your money!

Budgeting Apps for Couples - YNAB

You Need A Budget


  • Syncs with your bank
  • Real-Time Expense Tracking, goal tracking, and net worth reports
  • No Advertisements!

About the You Need A Budget App

If you want to get a handle on your household finances, budgeting well is the key, and YNAB (You Need A Budget) has their own proven method and budgeting app to give you real results. They’re proud and stand by their offering, sharing that “On average, new budgeters save $600 in their first two months and more than $6,000 in their first year.”

Use YNAB to track all your money progress from paying off debt, growing your savings, and reaching your goals. YNAB gives you a complete view of your personal finances so you know exactly where you stand. Try their app free for 30 days– no credit card required.

Hitched Money


  • Joint banking for couples
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • No account fees

About the Hitched Money App

If sharing a joint account is part of your wedding plans, then Hitched may be ideal for you. Hitched wants newlyweds to be on top of their financial game by helping them build a better financial future. This digital bank app is backed by Iroquois Federal Savings and Loan. They offer connected checking and savings accounts. There is no maintenance fee for either account. 

Their checking account has a “round-up match” feature that rounds up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically transfers that amount to your savings. For the first 90 days, Hitched will match 100% of those round-ups to a maximum of $100 per month. After 90 days, they’ll match 25% of your round-ups – a maximum of $20 per month. Their savings account offers tiered interest rates. You and your spouse can set multiple shared savings goals, whether you’re saving for something or paying down debt. Your app will show your progress in reaching those goals. To help you get organized in your new married life together, you can also use the Hitched budget calculator. With all these features, this app may be the one for you!



  • The “envelope method” in digital form
  • Set budgets and track spending
  • Track debt payoff or goal progress

About the Goodbudget App

For something different, how about Goodbudget? Their “virtual budget program keeps you on track with family and friends with the time-tested envelope budgeting method.” You make envelopes for all your budgeting categories like rent, groceries, bills, etc., so you’re planning upfront. With this household budget, you can sync across all your devices so that you and your spouse know where your money is set aside and where it’s spent. Also, saving for big expenses like a car or vacation can be tracked. Goodbudget also has a debt account feature where you can track your payoff progress toward your debt-free goal. Analyzing your in-App reports also allows you to adjust your budget accordingly.

Goodbudget has a Free and a Plus Plan ($8/month or $70/year). The Free Plan has 20 envelopes, one account, syncs to two devices, and keeps your history for one year. The Plus Plan has unlimited envelopes and accounts, syncs to five devices, and keeps your history for seven years. Their website also offers step-by-step instructions for making a budget, online budget courses, some interesting budgeting strategies (Debt Snowball and Kakeibo), articles and podcasts for any budgeting goals you may be thinking of, and budgeting as a couple. Their website also has a blog with an extensive inventory of articles. This unique app may be just what you’re looking for!

Travel Freely


  • Earn free travel
  • Track credit card spending and bonuses
  • Get card recommendations

About the Travel Freely App

If you’re a couple that loves to travel, this Travel Freely app is for you! Their motto is “learn to travel for free.” This free app teaches you how to earn free travel in the least amount of time by tapping into the best reward programs and practices by applying for credit cards. Based on your unique situation, their “CardGenie” tool personalizes credit card recommendations that will maximize rewards just for you. Their app also notifies you of bonus deadlines, annual fees, and when it’s time to apply for a new card. Their rewards credit card tracker also helps you to set your travel goals.

In addition to the app, Travel Freely also offers a “Become a Free Traveler” easy-to-follow guide and brief tutorials. You’ll learn about credit scores and how to maximize your everyday spending with rewards travel credit cards to get the most points and miles for flights, hotels, and rental cars. There’s also tons of great information on their blog. You’ll soon set your sights on your favorite travel destinations using the Travel Freely strategies.

Couple Goals: Get on the Same Page, Financially

Now that you know about these apps, check them out and decide which one suits your needs and preferences. When you are a married couple, it’s important to consider your personal finances and household situation in making these joint decisions.

We hope this post helps you to begin your research! Explore these apps together to see how they can make money management and communication easier for you and your spouse. Find the one that is a good fit for you and your significant other. Within a few months, you’ll notice a difference in your spending, saving, and habits! 


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