Best Stores to Set up a Registry

Signing up for a registry sounds like the fun part of planning a wedding. It's like going shopping, but you don't have to pay at the end. But what are the Best Stores to Set up a Wedding Registry? Choosing a registry location can be difficult. With guests at every age and scattered across the country, it can be hard to find one that works well for you.

The stores with the best rewards programs, discounts, and return or exchange policies for wedding registries. Best Stores to Set up a Wedding Registry

Think about the items that you really need or want to register for. Do you want a registry that lasts 2 years after your wedding? Do you need one that has everything you're interested in? Or are you looking for one that rewards you the most for completing your registry?


Here's a comprehensive list below of the most popular stores that couples use for their wedding registries.

Best Stores to Set up a Wedding Registry


Photo Credit: Target


  • If you don't get everything off your list, Target will send you a 15 percent off coupon for the remainder of your items. Most of the stores below only offer 10 percent off if you still have gifts left.
  • Your registry will only stay active for 90 days after your wedding, so encourage your guests to buy their gifts before your nuptials.
  • You have up to a year to return an item after your wedding date.
  • Target carries everything; I've heard of couples adding cat litter to their registry just to receive an extra coupon to use. Make sure to do this after the wedding so your Aunt Sue doesn't carry a gift bag full of litter to your reception.

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Photo Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • This store is famous for its ubiquitous 20 percent off coupon, which notoriously never expire. But it's also got a great mix of home goods, funny “As Seen on TV” products and bath ware.
  • Returning items is easy if it was bought directly off your registry.
  • Your registry will stay active for 2 years, so no worries if someone doesn't bring a gift to the wedding.
  • There are also special incentives and possible free gifts, so this is a good option if you want a one-stop registry shop.

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Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

  • If you're still using a couch that you scored from Goodwill, Crate & Barrel is your ticket to adult furniture. This is where you can register for your grown-up dishes that all fit a modern, clean asthetic.
  • You have 30 days after purchase to return an item. Unfortunately, you'll only be eligible for store credit, which is some consolation. Still, make sure to open all those gifts or you'll be stuck with two sets of dutch ovens.
  • You get a 10 percent off coupon for any items left on your registry AND any additional items you want to buy.

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Photo Credit: Williams-Sonoma


  • If you're craving some special attention, Williams-Sonoma offers a private appointment to set up your registry, which can be a nice tough if you're wandering the aisles unsure of what to choose.
  • You'll get store credit for anything you return up to 90 days after.
  • Williams-Sonoma gift cards also work at West Elm and Pottery Barn
  • Your registry will stay active 1 year after the wedding.
  • Your guests can register for wine. Might be helpful for writing those thank-you cards.
  • You'll get a 10 percent off code for any un-purchased items as well as anything extra add you for six months after the wedding (helpful when you realize that no one remembered to buy any plates).

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Photo Credit: Macy's


  • If you choose do the bulk of your registry via Macy's, sign up for a Macy's credit card and link it to your registry. Your guests will help you earn rewards dollars with every item they buy and your own purchases will go towards helping you get your next gift.
  • You can return items for in-store credit.
  • The registry stays active for 2 years after your wedding. Three months after your wedding, you'll receive a 10 percent off coupon.

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