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The Best Way to Share Photos for Your Wedding in 2024

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Looking for the best way to share photos at your wedding? Check out Guestpix, a cutting-edge digital photo-sharing and hosting solution.


What is the one thing you and your spouse will have forever from the wedding day besides each other? Your wedding photos! As such, wedding photography is typically a high priority for many couples. It’s no surprise that the photographer you hire to capture your day tends to be a line item in the wedding budget where brides and grooms are willing to splurge. But what about all the photos everyone else is taking with their iPhone or Android and posting to social media?  You have a wedding hashtag, but what if you had cracked the code for the best way to share photos from your wedding day with everyone? 

GUESTPIX has officially entered the chat. 

What is GUESTPIX, and Why is it the Best Way to Share Photos?

GUESTPIX is a cutting-edge digital photo-sharing and hosting solution that allows photo sharing for your wedding guests and family members.  Friends and family members can also upload videos and digital guestbook messages to your photo gallery via a private QR code. This user-friendly platform has gained major popularity in the wedding space but it’s also being used for other events such as milestone birthdays, corporate events, reunions and music gatherings. If there’s an event worth celebrating or photos worth sharing, GUESTPIX has it covered! No photo sharing app is needed!

On average, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get back your wedding images from professional photographers. But what if you could see photos from the wedding night the next day after your wedding? You haven’t lost hours saving and waiting to upload photos from everyone’s pictures on multiple sharing platforms, including – SMS, chat, WhatsApp, and Google Photos, emails, or being disappointed with low-resolution file size pictures from Instagram and Facebook.

With GUESTPIX, you’ll receive everything in one gallery along with a full-resolution download package to save forever.

It’s un-complicated-ly simple!


GUESTPIX  is all done for you. They will create a private QR code to share your wedding photos that saves all your high-resolution photos to a live photo album. Your friends and family members don’t have to worry about an app they need to download to their mobile devices. Nor will they need to fiddle with the hassle of trying to upload photos to a cloud storage service like a Flickr account, Smugmug, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive shared folder. There is no fuss or stress, just memories. 

There are so many creative ways to use GUESTPIX, such as a video guestbook, photo booth, or disposable camera alternative. Your guests will love adding their photos and videos to your event gallery with adequate storage space. It’s the easiest way to collect photos from a group, and best of all, you don’t need to ask your guests to pay for a subscription or download any complicated photos app! Winning!

GUESTPIX - QR Code - share photos of your wedding
GUESTPIX - QR Code - share photos of your wedding

Step 1: Guests Scan the QR Code 

After purchase, you’ll create your wedding event page. It only takes two minutes to create a GUESTPIX  welcome page. Simply add your event date, event title, and a short welcome message for your friends and family members. Guests scan your QR code to share wedding photos or click your private URL with a password protection PIN for privacy settings.   They will love to add their photos or videos to your shared album.  As a bonus, you’ll receive over 30 custom Canva QR code templates, including table cards, I-spy cards, welcome signs & mini take-home cards to edit and print locally.

Step 2: Display Your QR Code & Share Your URL

Display your QR code to share wedding photos at your event. You can even copy and send your URL to guests digitally or add it to your event website and bridal shower or wedding invitations. Guests add their name (no Google account or registration is required) before uploading photos and videos from their gallery or in the moment. GUESTPIX is compatible with any iOS or Android device. (Content can be uploaded via desktop or laptop devices!)

Friends and family members can add a title and description to the photos. Guests can also leave you a written guestbook message or a fun video guestbook message. As a bonus, you’ll receive links to over 30 editable Canva templates you can personalize and print locally. Templates include a welcome sign, table cards, mini take-home cards & photo booth cards. Or send your GUESTPIX QR code to your stationer, and they’ll do the rest!

Step 3: Instantly Enjoy The Best Memories From Your Event

Now you can sit back and enjoy! You and your guests will love seeing the best moments roll into your client gallery as you impatiently wait for professional photographer’s photos to arrive! Your photo library will be filled with unforgettable photos, funny videos, and heart-warming guestbook messages. You can even stream photos at your farewell brunch or the after-party by activating the slideshow feature!  Everyone will keep checking the gallery as it fills up with the best moments from your event. As the host, you control your gallery settings and can customize it specifically for your event. And you’ll be so impressed with the professionalism of the GUESTPIX experience. 

Why Should You Use GUESTPIX to Share Photos

GUESTPIX is for those moments that may not be captured by a professional photographer.  It’s your wedding from the eyes of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and family. It’s how they experience your wedding, and it’s the chance for you to see your wedding from every angle. You will get the random, candid shots before, after, and in between so you don’t miss a single moment of you and your true love’s big day! 

You and your partner will be able to collect hundreds or even thousands of photos and videos from guests from every angle. It’s like hiring multiple photographers without the cost. You spent months planning your wedding day, and it can go by so fast. You’ll want to capture all the memories and see it through the eyes of your friends and family members. 

The Best Way to Share Photos After Your Event is Over 

GUESTPIX  has your wedding album & guest book neatly zipped and ready to download anytime within 12 months of your wedding. It’s the perfect way to print wedding photos and keep those treasured memories forever. Not only that but guests can also download the zip – simply adjust the settings to suit.


With three tiers starting at $47, pricing is very reasonable and is based on the number of wedding guests. Every GUESTPIX package includes a private event gallery for unlimited storage for videos, photos, and guestbook messages. The opportunity for guests to upload three months after your event.  And while GUESTPIX doesn’t offer unlimited photo storage forever, it does provide it for a full year with 12-month event photo storage.  Your package will include editable QR Code Canva templates. As previously stated, the GUESTPIX  platform is compatible with Android & Apple Devices.  

If you aren’t fully convinced, you can always peek at a free version of one happy couple and their GUESTPIX client gallery. 

How do you encourage guests to take pictures at a wedding?

The best way to get your guests involved in the photography action on your wedding day is to make it super easy and visible for them to find your private QR code. Just like a wedding hashtag, make sure the code is visible on your invitation inserts, the wedding website, and at your wedding! 

Put up signs, create tent cards, or even display them on a video screen next to your live slideshow of your photos. Forgo the pricey photo booth and set up a DIY wedding photo booth so guests can snap pics on their own devices and upload them with your QR code. 

Play a game like I Spy with a list of photographs you want them to take at your wedding, or get your DJ involved and make an announcement. Remind your guests that you want to save the memories from your wedding to enjoy for a lifetime. Because it only happens once.


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