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Blueprint Registry - Get Everything You Need for your Newlywed Home

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Blueprint Registry – Get Everything You Need for your Newlywed Home
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These days, there’s more options than ever for creating a wedding registry. But today’s couples are registering in ways that are much different than their preceding generations. Modern couples aren’t registering for as much fine china or expensive tchotchkes, but are instead focusing on experiences and more fun things they might not get themselves. And not only that, but modern on-the-go types are flocking to the convenience of online registering far more than taking the time to browse in-store to pick out everything they want.

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One thing that’s felt like it’s missing from the online wedding registry process though is the experience. Choosing items from a website can feel impersonal, even if it is convenient. So that’s why the folks behind Blueprint Registry created their clean and beautiful wedding registry experience that is visual and user-friendly — allowing you to explore your home to better discover, organize and prioritize your registry needs.

With Blueprint Registry you can include cash gifts in your registry for your honeymoon, date nights, home fund, wedding fund or your favorite charity through what they call their Experience Room. By the way, Blueprint Registry has one of the lowest fees in the industry when it comes to giving and redeeming cash gifts (only 2.65% + 45 cents per transaction) so both you and your guests keep more of your money. Win-win!

Here’s how it works:

Step One:

Create Your Registry

Blueprint Registry - register for everything you need for your newlywed life!

Get yourself registered (it’s totally free… aka ZERO dollars) and begin customizing your blueprint to create your dream home! (It’s seriously SO fun. Like maybe a little too much.) Then, you can search for gifts by room which allows you to see exactly what you want, need and desire for your new life together.

Step Two:

Start Adding Gifts

Blueprint Registry - register with your favorite stores

Get your (free) shop on by adding items from a bunch of your favorite retailers to fill up your dream registry. Blueprint Registry also has an exclusive collection of unique items from boutiques and designers that you can add to your wishlist!

Step Three:

Add Group Gifts & Favorites

Blueprint Registry - register for the items of your dreams

Blueprint Registry makes it incredibly easy for your loved ones to go halvesies on gifts to make gifting affordable for everyone. Use the Blueprint Registry platform to seamlessly make any gift into a group gift, enabling your friends and family to contribute together towards those items on your list. Want something on your list like, SUPER badly? Mark it as a favorite and your guests will see which gifts are at the tippy top of your wish list.

Step Four:

Add Cash Gifts

Blueprint Registry - register for the experiences you've always dreamed of

As if the process for registering for retail gifts wasn’t a total breeze, Blueprint Registry also allows you to register for your honeymoon, date nights, home fund, wedding fund or even your favorite charity through their Experience Room. (Say whaaaaat? Amazing, right?) There’s literally nothing that’s off limits when it comes to what your loved ones can chip in to gift ya.

Step Five:

Personalize Your Registry

Blueprint Registry - register for everything you need for your home

Another awesome feature is that you can personalize your registry to make it your own! Upload a profile photo, cover photo and add a personal message to welcome your guests to your registry page. Who doesn’t love a little personalization?

Final Step:

Gift Summary & Return Guide

thank you cards are a breeze with Blueprint Registry

Want to hear about another extra awesome feature of Blueprint Registry? Two weeks after your big day, you’ll receive a detailed gift summary and a gift return guide to make writing those ‘Thank You’ cards and handling any pesky returns easier than ever. Also, you’ll receive a bonus 10% off all items left in your registry! You know I love me a good discount

Sounds totally amazing right? Can’t wait to get started, I bet?

Click the link below to get started towards building your dreams with the help of your family and friends!

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Happy Registering!


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