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This post is part of a recurring series here on BSB – we share a wedding budget tip every Tuesday to help you save money on your wedding! You can also see past posts (and a sneak peek at what's ahead) on this wedding budget tips page for your convenience and future reference.


Wedding Budget Tip #13: Beg, Borrow, but don't steal.

Wedding Budget Tip #13:

Beg. Borrow. (But don't steal.)


Last week we talked about enlisting the help of family and friends in executing your big day. This week follows a similar theme, but instead of their talents, I'm talking about their STUFF.

What do your family or friends own that could be of help in executing your wedding day? It could be anything from decor to tables and chairs. What can you borrow that could help you save on possible rentals or purchases?

For my own wedding, we borrowed TONS of things from family and friends. Starting with a handful of tables and tablecloths from my parents' church. A few other things we borrowed were:

  • decorative vases / jars for our candy buffet from my BFF's mom
  • cake stands for the dessert bar from some friends
  • fancy cake cutter / utensils from my BFF's mom
  • a decorative trough to hold the beer from my husband's groomsman
  • a PA system / amp for our DIY reception music setup from another groomsman
  • a vintage car from a groomsman's dad to take fun “getaway” photos in
  • metal scoops for our candy buffet from a friend
  • reception flats borrowed from a friend

All in all these items that were borrowed probably saved us several hundred dollars or more.

Of course there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to borrowing items from your wedding:

  1. Who will be responsible for getting the item to the wedding?
  2. When does the person need the item back?
  3. Who will be responsible for ensuring the item is handled with care and delivered back to its owner after the wedding?
  4. Will it be easy to transport the item to and from the wedding location?

Just be sure to treat the items with care and ensure they are returned in the same condition you borrowed them.

If it's an easy thing to set up and coordinate, and your friend is willing — why not save yourself some money and do some borrowing for your big day?

So tell us:

are you planning to borrow items for your wedding to save money?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

Wedding Budget Tip #13: Beg, Borrow, but don't steal.



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