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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Brides Project

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Brides Project
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In honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’d love to highlight some worthy wedding-related organizations that raise money for cancer research. When we heard about this great organization, we just had to share with you all! 

The Brides Project accepts gown donations from all over the US, and the proceeds from the sales of its pre-loved wedding dresses are donated to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor, which helps people with various types of cancer. They are also the Michigan partner for Brides Against Breast Cancer.

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TBP collects donated dresses from all over the country.  These dresses can be:

  • New.  These are often given by salons, who donate overstock, last year’s style dresses, floor samples, unclaimed gowns etc.
  • Previously worn.  Given by brides who actually wore the dress and are looking to give it a second life.
  • People choose to give their gowns to TBP for lots of reasons.  Sometimes they are sad to see it just sitting in a box in their basement. Other times they give because of the mission of helping cancer support.  They also might do it for environmental reasons (they like the idea of reusing).  Often they love the idea of thinking about someone else beaming down the aisle in the dress that meant so much to them.


  • TBP is a by appointment only salon.
  • Gowns are sold for roughly ½ the original dress price.  Things like age and quality of the dress do impact the price they are sold for.
  • People chose to buy from TBP for similar reasons to why they give.  They are often drawn to the social/environmental aspect.  Maybe they want to avoid the consumerism associated with the wedding industry, maybe they don’t want to have an expensive dress that is only worn once.  They might also be drawn to supporting the cancer cause.  For some they buy here for financial reasons – they can get a beautiful gown for a fraction of the cost!


There are lots of ways to get involved:

  • Volunteers are being recruited to work in the shop as bridal consultants
  • Monetary donations for the operation costs of TBP are always welcome!
  • Volunteers can also help make connections with salons, help with social marketing etc.  TBP has many volunteer needs!
  • One thing everyone can do is spread the word. Tell people about TBP, like TBP on facebook etc.
  • The boutique address for The Brides Project is 208 West Liberty, Ann Arbor MI 48104.
    If you are interested in buying a dress, you can make an appointment online at http://www.thebridesproject.org/buy/make-an-appointment/

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