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Bridal Beauty Secrets with Dr. Kay Durairaj

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Learn the secrets to beautiful bridal skin with this expert advice from celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Kay Durairaj.


Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, and more and more brides-to-be are looking for ways to achieve a flawless face for their weddings. With the age of social media, it seems there is more pressure than ever to look picture-perfect.

Of course, you can always do your part by taking care of your skin before your big day, but some brides feel they need a little extra help from a professional. But you don’t have to go under-the-knife or spend tens of thousands to achieve bridal beauty enhancements.

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These days, procedures like dermal fillers and injection rhinoplasty make it easier and more affordable than ever to look your best. Not to mention, these options result in shorter recovery time than more intense surgical procedures. We reached out to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kay Durairaj (who I discovered on The Ladygang podcast and whose Instagram account I am borderline obsessed with) to get her expert opinion and hear about the most popular procedures that brides are opting for before their big day. We love getting insight from amazing female professionals, so heed her expert advice!

What are the most popular procedures you see brides-to-be doing before the big day?

The most popular procedures that I perform for brides are botox and lip filler! Women should get botox around 1 month before their wedding day to help with forehead wrinkles and crows feet. They should leave enough time for it to start working after the injections (it takes 7-10 days) and make sure that they don’t need any touchups! I also do a ton of lip filler for future brides. Lucious lips can give you lots of confidence for your big day. You can get your lips done a few weeks before your wedding day to give you a natural, beautiful look.

Which procedures are the most “bang for your buck” to give you great results?

The treatment I like for immediate results is cheek filler! Cheek filler can give the entire face a beautiful lift. It helps with smile lines around the mouth because it lifts up on the cheeks and helps prevent jowling or sagging. Cheek filler is the new “contouring” – it gives the face naturally beautiful angles. (This also helps create an even better canvas for your makeup!)

Which are the quickest fixes if you don’t have much time until the big day?

The quickest fix for the big day is under eye filler. It has immediate brightening results, but swelling can last 1-2 weeks after the procedure, so brides should account for that in their timeline. Women love under-eye filler because it gives such a natural look, but helps them look refreshed!

What about grooms? Are you seeing men getting enhancements before the wedding day, and if so, which ones?

I do see lots of men in my office! Though they are much more private about it. I highly recommend that men get some botox (also known as “brotox”) before their big day. Lots of men have deep-set lines due to lack of skincare maintenance. Botox can help reduce the appearance of lines and prevent future lines! It gives a more youthful appearance and will make you look handsome for your big day.

Note: This article isn’t meant to convince or deter anyone from undergoing cosmetic alterations for their wedding day, but rather to educate about the available options for those who are interested. Of course, whether or not you decide to undergo any pre-wedding cosmetic enhancements is completely up to you. Just like your wedding, your life choices should be dictated by your personal values, goals, and financial situation. Do whatever *you* want to do, and whatever makes you feel your best! 

I enjoy following Dr. Kay because she focuses on enhancing the great features you already have and achieving natural results to make you look your best, rather than altering your face to make you look like someone else. She’s all about bringing out each person’s natural beauty and making them feel and look GREAT! Thanks so much to Dr. Kay for answering these questions.

Check out more bridal beauty tips from Dr. Kay on her blog, check out her new Podcast, and visit her website to learn about her Bridal Beauty Special this month!


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