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5 Best Body Shimmer Oils to Give You A Beautiful Bridal Glow

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Check out our selection of favorite products to give your skin a beautiful bridal glow on your wedding day. Give your body and face a dose of shimmer!


Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to be pasty white for your wedding day! If you’re not into hitting the tanning bed or getting a spray tan, you can consider a shimmer body oil to give yourself a bridal glow.

Lately, we’ve been loving the glowing sensations offered by the variety of best body shimmer oil choices out there in the beauty world. So we decided to round up five of our favorites to give you a beautiful bridal glow on your big day, and beyond. (plus, we even share a budget-savvy guide for how to make body shimmer oil at home!)

Give your body and face a dose of shimmer to make your wedding day extra magical. These products will have you feeling major summertime vibes no matter what time of year it is… and they’d also be perfect for the honeymoon! Check out our best body shimmer oil picks below:

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Shimmer Body Oil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil is a luxe, lightweight shimmering body oil that gives skin a sun-kissed glow. This rich, luxurious formula leaves skin with a touchable, silky-soft feel, features a delicate coconut-vanilla scent, and has a sparkly glitter reflect that illuminates the skin with a golden glow. Shake well prior to use.
1.5 FL OZ for $38.

Moroccan Oil Shimmering Body Oil

Moroccan Oil Shimmering Body Oil

The most spendy of the bunch, this Moroccan Oil Shimmering Body Oil helps builds skin’s natural defense and moisture repair. The product will leave your skin glistening for a healthy-looking glow. The product is non-greasy, absorbs quickly into skin, and is delicately fragranced with signature Moroccanoil® scent. Lightly massage a few drops directly into the skin using even motions. 1.7 oz for $48.

Nuxe Huile 'Prodigieuse Or' Multi Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

Nuxe Huile Multi Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

The golden shimmer version of Nuxe iconic Huile Prodigieuse is a Parisian beauty secret dry oil that will leave just the right amount of nacres on your skin for an irresistible yet discrete satin glamour glow. It not only illuminates your skin but also reveals a unique Parisian allure with each of your movements, with a signature delightful scent reminder of the sun and the holidays. Enhance your look with a touch of Huile Prodigieuse Or on your eyelids, attract the attention to your cheekbones, décolleté, shoulders, or legs with just the radiance it deserves. 1.6 Fl Oz for $22


Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Body Shop’s Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil gives your skin a dose of sun-kissed, golden shimmer. This non-greasy formula enhances your natural tan with a warm hint of shimmering color. It can also be used all year round to give every skin tone a little boost of holiday radiance.
3.38 FL OZ for $22

Physician's Formula Shimmer Argan Oil 

Physician’s Formula Argan Oil 

This All-In-One product from Physician’s Formula does it ALL, y’all. And it’s the most budget savvy of the bunch. This Moisturizer + Primer + Brightener + Protector + Treatment will add a shimmering touch of gold wherever you apply it. This product is Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Non-comedogenic, and Dermatologist approved, so it’s safe to use on your face, body, hair, and nails. This product is truly a multitasking marvel. 4oz bottle for around $17.

Budget-Savvy DIY Body Shimmer Oil Recipe

Making your own DIY body shimmer oil is also easy and allows you to customize the ingredients to suit your preferences to suit your own skin tone and tastes.

To create a simple body shimmer oil, start with a carrier oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil, as the base. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a yummy scent and additional skincare benefits. Then, mix in a shimmering powder, such as mica or bronze pigment, to give your homemade body shimmer oil that dazzling effect.

You can experiment with different shades of shimmer powders to achieve your desired level of sparkle.

Once all the ingredients are combined, transfer the mixture into a small glass bottle with a dropper for easy application. Shake well before each use, and apply a few drops onto your skin, focusing on areas you want to highlight, such as your collarbones, shoulders, and legs, for a radiant and shimmering look.

A DIY body shimmer oil is a budget-friendly and customizable way to add some glamour to your beauty routine and make your skin shine.

No matter which best body shimmer oil you choose, you’re sure to get a healthy glow to help your bridal beauty shine on your big day.

Get your bridal shimmer oil on! Happy Shopping!

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