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Our Gifts!

Since Matt and I have plenty of stuff, we didn't want to register for more stuff.  We just want cash money! Of course it is difficult to tactfully ask for this, which is why we used That way we could register for some household goods and some honeymoon stuff but redeem everything for cash.

Bridal Party Gifts
Link to our registry on our website


Bridal Party Gifts!

I wanted to make something special for each of my ladies and when I saw this relatively easy project I knew it was just right for them. I am not a jewelry maker, but I was able to put this together in a couple of months. I collected the vintage brooches at flea markets and thrift stores with the help of my mother (thanks mom!). The end caps came from Etsy and the toggle clasp and rope came from a local jewelry store. I also bought them each a $30 gift card to Lululemon as I know they all enjoy items from this store and they have locations all over the US now. I'm still looking for an additional special gift for my maid of honor (any suggestions?)

Bridal Party Gifts
Bridesmaids gifts, This one is Dayna's, she loves the Phillies so I added a Philly heart

For Matt's men I steered him toward these awesome personalized flasks on etsy. I also bought one for my bridesman Danny, instead of the necklace. Matt has purchased small bottles of each of the groomsmens favorite liquors to go with the flasks. When the Wedding Chicks store was having a sale he bought a groomsmen bow tie tee for each of the men and the gifts will be packaged in recycled t-shirt bags made by me (super easy!), each t-shirt was selected (at thrift stores and flea markets for under $10 each) to match the personality or taste of each groomsmen:

Bridal Party Gifts
Groomsmen Matt's gift

For our flower girls, I again took advantage of a Wedding Chicks sale and bought the older one a cute personalized flower girl shirt:

Bridal Party Gifts

For her little sisters I may just get a toy or something, not sure yet! Unfortunately they didn't have the shirts in that small a size!

We also bought a ringbearer shirt for our older ringbearer, Finn. Again, there wasn't one small enough for his little brother Gray 🙁

Parents Gifts!

Matt's parents really enjoy taking trips and exploring the Bay area so when we saw this two night stay at a cute hotel in Mendocino we knew it would be the perfect thank you gift. For just $160 we were able to get them a  two night stay in gorgeous Mendocino (a few hours drive north of their home in SF) with dinner and a bottle of wine.

Bridal Party Gifts
Mendocino, CA

I would highly recommend these trips as gifts and Living Social Escapes has a bunch of them offered all over the world.

My parents were a little trickier as they are divorced and buying another two trips would be too expensive for us. I know what they would really enjoy and appreciate is an album with our wedding weekend photos. So I will have such an album made and gift it to them after the wedding.

Bridal Party Gifts
Wedding albums from love across time

To Each Other

I realize there is a tradition of the bride and groom gifting something to each other the day of the wedding. Usually this is something like a watch, jewelry or cufflinks or something.

The thing is Matt wouldn't like anything like that, nor would he be able to pick out jewelry for me. So I decided that at our 5 year anniversary in December I would give him a nice journal in which he could write to me and I would do the same in my own. Then we could exchange them and have warm loving thoughts to read from each other on our wedding day. This gift was somewhat selfish as Matt is an incredible writer, as evidenced by the many love letters I have from him, and I knew he would do an excellent job with this task! I on the other hand have a lot of silly drawings in mine.

Originally we had over a year to write in this journal, then we changed our wedding date, giving us only about 7 months to scribble down our love. Writing in it more than once a week is difficult as we see and talk to each other everyday! But, I do enjoy expressing in it my joy, love and excitement to be getting married. Since neither of us have even half way filled up our journals and we are less than two months away we decided we could exchange them at the wedding but then return them and continue writing in them to share again on our one year wedding anniversary.  Hopefully by then they will be filled up!

I bought these nice leather journals at TJ Maxx Home Goods for about $15 each, I liked the colors, price, and the size.

Bridal Party Gifts
Why yes, that is a framed photograph in the background of us dressed in Mexican garb on Olvera street, don't be jealous


Bridal Party Gifts
The journals, thanks TJ Maxx!














The bridal party gifts actually turned out pretty easy for us (so far!). How did it go for you? Did you decide to do a bride and groom gift exchange? If so, what did you gift?


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    The journal idea is so so cute!

  • Nic

    Hi – I was wondering what your overall verdict is on Simple Registry- has it worked out as well as you had hoped? And how was the response from fam and friends- we are trying to decide! Thanks as usual! 🙂

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