Bridesmaids Dresses Under $100

Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses in every color -- under $100!!!

Asking someone to be a part of your bridal party is a big deal. Being a bridesmaid is a pretty serious commitment, not only in terms of time but also of money! So it’s very important to be considerate of your besties when it comes to the expenses involved in your big day. The average bridesmaid will spend an average of $1,500 to be part of a bridal party, and that figure may be higher, depending on where you live!

One of the larger expenses involved in being a bridesmaids is the attire, most of which can only (and will only) be worn once. It’s a sign of kindness (not to mention girl code) to choose a dress that’s affordable and attractive for your besties to wear when they stand beside you on your big day. Do your bridesmaids’ budgets a favor, and consider choosing a dress that’s easy on the wallet.

How to Save Money on Bridesmaids Dresses

If you want to save on your bridesmaid dresses, keep an eye out for coupon codes and sales. We love to share current deals in our Weekly Wedding Deals — be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a deal! Consider shopping at stores that aren’t traditionally bridal — department stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc all carry dresses that could work perfectly as bridesmaids dresses.

Still shopping for the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses? We’ve done some of the legwork, and rounded up over 100 amazing styles in every color of the rainbow– all under $100! These dresses won’t break the bank, and many of them are so stylish and chic that your friends may actually want to wear them again!

100+ Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

Pink Bridesmaids Dresses

Pink is an ever-popular choice for bridesmaids due to its romantic vibe. Whether you chooseBarbie-bright pink or a softer shade like blush, the pink color family is a lovely choice for weddings.

Long Pink Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Pink Bridesmaids Dresses

Red Bridesmaids Dresses

Red is a passionate and romantic color. Red makes a wonderful choice for a wedding color for any time of year, but is especially popular for fall and winter weddings.

Long Red Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Red Bridesmaids Dresses

Orange Bridesmaids Dresses

Perhaps you are a fan of the orange leaves and pumpkins in the fall, and you’re planning a fall wedding. You may want your bridesmaids to wear orange dresses!

Long Orange Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Orange Bridesmaids Dresses

Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Yellows are a less common color for bridesmaids to wear as the color can be a bit tricky to pull off, but we love these buttery, goldenrod, and dandelion shades!

Long Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Green bridesmaids’ dresses are a wonderful choice no matter the season. There are various shades in the green family that are popular for weddings, from lime to olive, to emerald!

Long Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Mint is a hugely popular color for spring and summer weddings. This shade is universally flattering on all skin tones!

Long Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Blue Bridesmaids Dress

Blues in general look good on literally anyone. There are so many lovely shades to choose from, such as deep navy to a whispery baby blue.

Long Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Purple is another popular color for weddings, and particularly bridesmaids. From royal purple to lavender, plum to eggplant to violet, there are so many lovely shades to choose from in the purple family.

Long Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Metallic dresses for bridesmaids are having a major moment. Sparkly sequins and metallic finishes add a touch of glamour to your wedding party, but don’t have to break the bank!

Long Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Black Bridesmaids Dresses

Black is anything but basic for bridesmaids. Not only is black the ultimate in chic, but it’s also more likely to be worn again by your besties.

Long Black Bridesmaids Dresses

Short Black Bridesmaids Dresses

We hope this list has inspired you to find a stunning and savvy dress for your bridesmaids to wear on your big day!

Happy Shopping!

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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