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Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses: Ways to Save Money & Make Everyone Happy

Below are a list of some helpful links to other posts considering the bridesmaid dresses and how to choose from The Budget Savvy Bride. 

save money on bridesmaids dresses

10 Ways to Save Money on Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Brides aren’t the only ones who have to keep a budget in mind when choosing their dress for the wedding. Do your besties a favor and share these money-saving tips for bridesmaids’ dresses!

Birdy Grey - Stylish Bridesmaids Dresses under $100

One Key Way to Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

This one simple trick is the key to finding the best dresses for each bridesmaid standing next to you on your wedding day!

azazie bridesmaids

Scoring the Perfect Bridesmaids’ Dresses on a Budget

Looking for ways to score the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses on the cheap? Don’t miss this advice for making the most of your bridesmaids’ budgets!

birdy grey bridesmaids dresses

Tips for Making Bridesmaids Dress Shopping a Breeze

Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dress is truly a gift! Don’t miss these tips for making dress shopping simple and smooth.

Affordable Bridesmaids Dress Options

Shop our favorite brands and affiliate partners for bridesmaids dresses:

show me your mumu bridesmaids

Best Places to Buy Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

Looking for cheap and stylish dresses for your besties to wear on your big day? Check out this list of where to shop for affordable bridesmaids’ dresses.

Amazon Bridesmaids Dresses for Savvy Wedding Style

Give your bridesmaids the gift of convenient and affordable bridesmaids dress shopping — find your bridesmaids attire on Amazon!

show me your mumu

Breezy, Boho Bridesmaids Dresses from Show Me Your Mumu

Find the perfect boho bridesmaids dresses within your budget. Don’t miss these gorgeous styles from Show Me Your Mumu’s sale!

New Affordable Bridesmaids Dress Collection: Thread from Dessy

If you’re looking for gorgeous and affordable bridesmaids dresses for your besties, look no further than this new collection from Dessy!

Affordable Bridesmaids Gifts + Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids in one of our gift guides!


Affordable Bridesmaids Gift Ideas for $30 or Less!

Looking for Affordable Bridesmaids Gift Ideas? Look no further than this list of gift ideas for $30 or less!

bridesmaids pins

Gift Guide: Bridesmaids

Looking for the perfect gift ideas for bridesmaids? Check out these Bridesmaids’ Gifts Your Gals will Love!

silk masks - eco friendly bridesmaids gifts

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Bridesmaids

If you’re on the hunt for an eco-friendly gift idea for your bridesmaids, look no further than these gorgeous, sustainable options from Etsy!

gold birthstone bracelet

20 Bridesmaids Gifts Under $20 from Etsy

Etsy is the best place to buy personalized gifts for anyone in your life. Check out this epic list of 20 affordable bridesmaids’ gifts from Etsy!