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We are very excited for our wedding obviously because Brady and I look forward to getting married, but we are also pretty psyched at the prospect of throwing a brunch reception! Breakfast foods are our favorite, and when I turned to Pinterest for ideas, I was met with lots of fun pictures and ideas.

One thing that I have seen at a wedding I attended was having a variety of different “bars” to go to rather than having plated meals or a buffet. I like that idea so that there can be different tables focused on a category of food (like the cereal bar that you see above), so people can go to whichever station they choose and avoid other items if they want to. This seems like a cost effective way to do things as well, because not everyone will get food from each different table and spreading it out may make things slightly less organized, but then people won’t have to wait in line as much as they would for a buffet or be served food.

brunch wedding inspiration -- food display

via the little umbrella

Brady and I enjoy breakfast foods, but we are planning on saving money by serving brunch as well. Cereal, donuts, and muffins are all delicious and less expensive (and more filling!) than other types of food. We plan to serve a wide variety of food including quiche, donuts, croissants, muffins, cereal, coffee, tea, and fruit for 150 people without breaking the bank!

Since it will be in the morning, we won’t be having any kind of “cocktail hour”, but will have coffee, tea, and a variety of juices for people to try while they wait for us to join them. Luckily, our wedding and reception will be all in one place, so it won’t take long for us to catch up!

What do y’all think? Would you do brunch?

What different ways have you thought of to serve and present the food at your reception?

For more brunch inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

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