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Budget Savvy Bridal Bootcamp Workout!

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Teresa Marie Howes

There is not a bride out there who don’t want to look and feel her best when she walks down the aisle. And there is no reason why you can’t be glowing with radiance, confidence, and pride because you know you earned the amazing body that everybody is watching as you step towards the rest of your life.

There are a lot of ways to pump yourself up for fitness now so you look and feel great when the day comes. The simple structure of a bootcamp workout can be a fantastic way to jumpstart your fitness or break out of a rut and get your heart pumping, lungs working and body sweating. The best part – these moves are excuse free and can be done in your own backyard costing you exactly zero dollars!

So why not give a bridal bootcamp workout a try? The best part is you don’t actually need any equipment to get started!

budget savvy bridal bootcamp

Here are a few fun fitness questions to ask yourself: 

  • Are you wanting to get active but don’t have the time to get to the gym with all the mayhem of your planning?
  • Does your exercise routine have you hitting the snooze button in the morning because it’s just boring and there are oh so many other fun things you’d rather be doing?
  • Are you working out madly because you know you need to chisel off a few pounds before the big day but not seeing results? 

If your answer to anything above is “yes” then building your own Budget Friendly Bridal Bootcamp might be exactly what you need.

What makes a great Bridal Bootcamp routine?

It’s the fusion concept of taking the best moves from various disciplines and putting them together you can create something more amazing than each individual sport. With intense intervals from a variety of traditional exercises, you can experience maximum results in the least amount of time.

Just like being budget-savvy is about being smart and maximizing your money, a bridal bootcamp is about maximizing your efforts and being efficient with your time!  

Build Your Own Bridal Bootcamp Workout

Your workout should be broken into five rounds, including a warm-up and cool down. The three central series’ should focus on a primary muscle group and high-intensity cardio moves (cardio bursts) to get your heart beating and your body sweating. This workout focuses on a strong core – the central part of a strong and healthy body!

At-home bridal bootcamp workout

Round #1: Dynamic Stretching (Warm-Up)

  • Childs pose to upward facing dog (2 min)
  • Downward Facing Dog to Plank (2 min)
  • Cat to Cow (2 min)

Round #2: Primary Muscle – Rectus Abdomius

  • Cardio Burst: High Knees (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Seated Crunches (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Tailbone Knee Pull Ins (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Full Body Crunches (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Jumping Rope (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Reverse Crunches (2 min)

Round #3: Primary Muscle – Obliques

  • Cardio Burst: Side to Side Shuffle (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Side Plank (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Oblique Knee Pull-ins (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Oblique Heel Touches (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Mountain Climbers (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Russian Twists (2 min)

Round #4: Primary Muscle – Erector Spinae (lower back)

  • Cardio Burst: Squat Jumps (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Romainian Deadlift (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Vertical Jumps (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Dorsal Arm and Leg Raise (2 min)
  • Cardio Burst: Sprints (1 min)
  • Muscle Mover: Dorsal Crunch (2 min)

Round #5: Dynamic Stretching (Cool Down)

  • Childs pose to upward facing dog (2 min)
  • Downward Facing Dog to Plank (2 min)
  • Cat to Cow (2 min)

Try this bridal bootcamp routine this week! You can do this on your living room floor if you want. Invite a friend. Blast your favorite high energy tunes and most importantly, remember to make it fun! It’s easy to fall in love with exercise when it’s fun, so let that be your primary goal.

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Teresa Marie Howes

is a health enthusiast, avid runner and published author on a mission to make fitness fun and weight loss a reality. She is the founder and creator of the healthy lifestyle blog Teresa Marie Wellness