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Budget Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

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These engagement ring shopping tips will help you find the perfect ring for your fiance without breaking the bank. So get ready to start shopping!


One thing we haven’t covered much of here on The Budget Savvy Bride is BLING! Since many of our readers come to us after they’re already engaged, we haven’t posted much about engagement rings in the past, but that all changes today! We want to share some info to help all the budget savvy GROOMS out there navigate the waters of engagement ring shopping on a budget! Plus, we’ve found that *many* of our readers who check out BSB are actually not yet engaged… so perhaps you may want to pass this post along to your current significant other as a not-so-subtle hint! 😉

To help us drop some knowledge about shopping for sparkles, we’ve partnered with Blue Nile to bring you some budget savvy diamond shopping tips — because who wants to pay more when you can pay less, right? Without further ado, don’t miss these tips for saving money on your engagement ring:

Budget Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

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Size Matters

Obviously, the bigger the diamond the more expensive it will be. But there are other factors to consider in addition to size, such as clarity and color. The clarity of your diamond has to do with the number of flaws in your stone… some of these flaws may be completely undetectable to the naked eye, so you could get a larger diamond with a lower clarity rating for the same price as a nearly flawless diamond of a smaller size. Something to think about!

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Get in Shape

Did you know that the shape of your diamond can have an affect on the overall price? Many brides love the traditional round cut shape for their diamond engagement ring, but did you know that round cut diamonds are typically 30% more expensive than any other cut? Talk about crazy! You could save money by choosing a different cut for your diamond other than round.

Blue Nile Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings - Budget Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Color Me Pretty

Who says your engagement ring has to be a diamond? Alternative gemstone engagement rings are growing in popularity each year, with many celebrities sporting colored stones on their ring fingers, including the Duchess Kate Middleton, herself!

blue nile Budget Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Even with these tips, you may find yourself a bit confused about engagement ring pricing or how to budget for an engagement ring, but Blue Nile’s got you covered with all sorts of amazing resources and information on their website. Blue Nile also has the largest selection of engagement rings and stones than any other competitor on the market, as well as price matching and a 30-day return policy!

Because Blue Nile has more options than any other online jeweler, you are sure to find the perfect ring to suit your tastes and budget!

blue nile's Budget Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Visit Blue Nile for more helpful engagement ring shopping advice and to peruse their vast selection of stunning engagement rings and bridal jewelry!

Happy Engagement Ring Shopping!


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This post is sponsored by Blue Nile. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Blue Nile, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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