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Budget Savvy Wedding Sets for Under $200

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Budget Savvy Wedding Sets for Under $200

After Bride’s $130 Wedding-Set Shaming Story Goes Viral, See the Most Gorgeous, Budget Savvy Wedding Sets for Under $200

You maybe have seen this story going viral the past few days. about a young woman in Martin, TN. Ariel McRae was verbally shamed in aĀ Pandora jewelry store by one of their staff members, who pretty much called her $130 wedding ring set ā€œPathetic.ā€ Ā You can read her entire facebook post here:



My heart broke for Ariel when I read her story. She and her new husband were celebrating their love within their means. They selected a pair of Pandora bands that the couple could afford as they prepared to embark on the happiest journey of their lives. That is, until aĀ judgmental, rude, and snobby salesperson decided to rain on their parade.


If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it’s when people treat others as less than. As if this couple’s love was any less valid or real because of the price tag on their wedding rings?! It’s crazy to me that people actually think this way. I know that our readers here at The Budget Savvy Bride don’t believe the price tag on their rings or their wedding day have any significance to the quality of their marriage.

Because that’s the important part, right?!! The MARRIAGE.

Ariel posted her story to FB on November 26, and itā€™s since been shared over 57k times. Ā There are hundreds of positive comments from other budget savvy brides and grooms who chose to focus on their love and starting their life together rather than spending money they didn’t have on things they couldn’t afford.


Ariel and Quinn are a couple after our own hearts here at BSB. And in my opinion, her rings are truly beautiful! Not because of the type of metal or the size of the gemstones. Because they are the rings that symbolize the beginning of her life with the man she loves!


So in honor of this awesome budget savvy bride, Ariel, I’ve decided to round up some absolutely GORGEOUS wedding ring sets for under $200! Best of all, all of these options are crafted in precious metals like Sterling Silver and plated with Rhodium, Gold, or Platinum. Budget savvy beautiful!

Gorgeous Wedding Sets for Under $200


wedding sets under $200


1. Matching Wedding Set from Lafonn. Set features 1.84ct. LassaireĀ®Ā Simulated Diamonds set in Platinum-Bonded Sterling Silver, $200 MSRP.

2. Classic Pave Stacking Rings (set of three) from Nordstrom.Ā Sparkling cubic zirconias illuminate the slender lines of three glistening stacking rings accented with polished vermeil and rhodium plating. $170

3. PavĆ© Wedding Set from Lafonn. Set featuresĀ 1.58ct. LassaireĀ®Ā Simulated Diamonds set in Platinum-Bonded Sterling Silver, $190 MSRP.

4. Vittore Ring from Swarovski.Ā This timeless set includes three best-selling Vittore rings in different color gradations: rhodium, gold and rose-gold platings. $169

5. Wedding Set from Lafonn. Set featuresĀ 1.28ct LassaireĀ®Ā Simulated Diamond Center set in Platinum-Bonded Sterling Silver. $185 MSRP

6. Frisson Ring Set from Swarovski.Ā The rings are plated in rhodium, gold, and rose gold respectively. Wear the set together for solid styling or mix and match with other designs for a more bohemian vibe. $125

7. Devon’s Asscher Canary Ring Set from Gemitations. The set features a precious canary CZ asscher cut stone measuring 1.25-carats in a sterling silver, rhodium plated design. $136

8. David Tutera Engagement Ring Set from Kohls.Ā The engagement ring features an emerald-cut lab-created white sapphire center stone that is surrounded by dazzling lab-created white sapphire accents. $124

9. Bridal Ring Set from QVC. Polished platinum plated over sterling silver, including Diamonique simulated diamonds. Center stone is approximately 1.35 carats.Ā $115

10. I Do Ring Set from Swarovski.Ā Add a touch of sparkle to your fingers with these two rhodium-plated rings. Embellished with sparkling chatons, the rings look great whether worn together or separately. $125



These options are not only affordable AND gorgeousĀ but guess what? They will be JUST as special to you as anyone with a $$$ engagement ringĀ because it’s what your love chose for YOU! Can I get an amen?


This message feels so incredibly timely as we head into the holidays as well. Let’s all choose to focus on the love, the moments, and the significance of this time, rather than the value of the gifts under the tree.

Happy Planning!


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