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Chalkboard Wedding Ideas: Chalkboard Wedding Decor Items for the Big Day

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Looking for a unique detail to add to your wedding decor and details? Consider incorporating chalkboard wedding accents for signage, labels, and more!


If there’s one thing we’ve seen over and over again throughout the years, it’s a rustic chic wedding. It’s not a trend, it’s a style, and that means Mason Jars, burlap, and chalkboard details are here to stay. If you’re looking for chalkboard wedding ideas or chalkboard-themed details, you’re in the right place. Chalkboard wedding decor has been on the rise, and it offers endless possibilities for personalization. 

Deciding on chalkboard wedding signage and decorations can be inexpensive because of the DIY aspect of the products. Purchasing blank chalkboard signs or cards and writing/decorating everything by hand can add tons of customization to the big day. 

Chalkboard Wedding Decor Ideas

Chalkboards provide a charming and versatile backdrop that can be incorporated into various aspects of your wedding decor.

Perfect for a variety of themes and styles, chalkboards offer a nice way to communicate with your guests without being too formal or impersonal.

From signage and seating charts to table numbers and menus, let’s explore some delightful options and ideas for incorporating chalkboard elements into your special day.

Chalkboard Wedding Signs

Set the tone for your wedding by greeting your guests with a beautiful chalkboard welcome sign. Display it at the entrance of your venue or near the ceremony area. Choose elegant calligraphy or playful lettering to match your wedding theme and style. Add a touch of greenery or floral accents to enhance the overall look. Below are multiple chalkboard ideas and signage to fill up the wedding while sticking to a rustic chic wedding theme!

Amazon - Framed Sidewalk Sign

Framed Sidewalk Sign 


As guests arrive at the wedding, the first thing they see will be a large sign welcoming them in. Decorating the sign with flowers will tie it into the wedding theme. Double-sided easel allows for two separate signs for the day.

Etsy - Welcome Wedding Sign

Welcome Wedding Sign 

Etsy • $12.99+

A classier look to a wedding sign. Each sign is custom-made and done for you! Decide on the color and size of the decal to personalize the wedding. Set the tone for the wedding day with a welcome sign done professionally!

Party City - Our Love Story Wedding Chalkboard Sign

Our Love Story Wedding Chalkboard Sign 

Party City • $10

Share your love story with the guests! Chalk in the details to give guests more knowledge about the bride and groom. Ribbon is attached to hang anywhere with chalk sold separately.

Amazon - Easel Chalkboard Sign

Easel Chalkboard Sign 


Easel-inspired chalkboard to be reused for times after the wedding. A display shelf underneath holding necessities or decorative items. A blank message board made of natural wood to write any signage on.

Chalkboard Seating Charts

Ditch traditional seating arrangements and opt for a visually appealing chalkboard seating chart. Arrange your guests’ names in a creative and eye-catching way. Incorporate different fonts, illustrations, or even a hand-drawn map of the seating layout. Guests will love the interactive element as they search for their names.

Etsy - Chalkboard Seating Chart

Chalkboard Seating Chart 

Etsy • $77.53

Seating charts are popular, and deciding how to display each guest’s seating arrangement can be difficult. Keep it simple with a chart decal printed out to be placed on any chalkboard surface. 

Etsy - Chalkboard Wedding Seating Sign

Chalkboard Wedding Seating Sign 

Etsy • $125

Provide a message to the guests without having to say anything! Simple messages like these lessen confusion and provide more room to enjoy the day.

Chalkboard Table Numbers

Add a whimsical touch to your reception tables with chalkboard table numbers. Create individual chalkboard signs for each table, or use larger chalkboard frames for a cohesive look. You can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and styles to match your overall wedding theme. Consider embellishing them with delicate garlands, flowers, or fairy lights for an extra touch of romance.

TableClothFactory - Mini Wooden Table Chalkboard Signs

Mini Wooden Table Chalkboard Signs 

TableClothFactory • $5.99

Any wedding will do with chalkboard table signs. Coming in a pack of ten, each table can be signaled with simple yet classic mini signs. Comes with removable stands and chalk.

Chalkboard Menu Display

Impress your guests by showcasing your wedding menu on chalkboard displays. Whether you’re having a buffet-style reception or a seated dinner, chalkboard menus offer a stylish way to present your culinary delights. Get creative with chalkboard illustrations of your dishes or incorporate elements like wine pairings or special dietary notes. This will not only add charm to your reception but also serve as a conversation starter.

Zazzle - Bar Menu Chalkboard Sign

Bar Menu Chalkboard Sign 

Zazzle • $18.83

Printable bar menu chalkboard sign. Customize the items on the website, then print from any device once purchased! An inexpensive way to showcase the bar menu while looking like a chalkboard.

Zazzle - Chalkboard Wedding Collection Menu 

Chalkboard Wedding Collection Menu 

Zazzle • $1.78

Printable chalkboard-like signage of the food being served the day of the wedding. Customizable on the website, guests will thank you for the food and creative way to display it.

Chalkboard Hashtag Signs

Incorporate the digital age into your wedding with a charming chalkboard hashtag sign. Create a dedicated space for your personalized wedding hashtag and encourage guests to tag their photos and posts. Position the sign near the guestbook table or in a designated photo booth area, seamlessly blending it with your other chalkboard wedding details.

TheKnotShop - Custom Wedding Chalkboard Sign

Custom Wedding Chalkboard Sign  

TheKnotShop • $19.99

Wedding hashtags are more popular nowadays. Displaying the hashtag around the wedding venue will allow for more guests to participate in the social media postings!

SpeedyOrders - Unplugged Chalkboard Wedding Sign

Unplugged Chalkboard Wedding Sign 

SpeedyOrders • $105

A decorative and fun way of letting guests know of the rules for the wedding day. Signs are available in different material and sizes, everyone will be on the same page for the ceremony.

Chalkboard Decorative Accents

Extend the enchanting charm of chalkboard elements to every aspect of your wedding decor with delightful decorative accents. These versatile chalkboard details allow you to add personalized touches and enhance the overall ambiance of your celebration. From food buffet labels, wedding favor stickers to photobooth props, these chalkboard elements are sure to add fun details to your big day!

Gartner Studios - Wood Slab Chalkboard Sign

Wood Slab Chalkboard Sign 

Gartner Studios • $3.75

A unique way to display signage! For a rustic-chic wedding, wood slabs will tie in perfectly. Write messages for guests on chalkboard that stays in the theme of the wedding. This would be perfect as a photo booth prop!

Amazon - Hanging Chalkboard Signs

Hanging Chalkboard Signs 


Used for mini directions or short messages. Hang or display these chalkboard signs throughout the wedding to subtly let guests know information throughout the day! They’d be perfect for food buffet labels or on your favor table.

Etsy - Blackboard Photo Prop Wedding Décor

Blackboard Photo Prop Wedding Décor 

Etsy • $12.50

Small blank chalkboard signs available to display whatever you want! Perfect for a fun photo op for guests and the newlyweds as well as table numbers for the reception. Each coming in a set of two.

Chewy -  Pet Wedding Announcement Chalkboard 

Pet Wedding Announcement Chalkboard 

Chewy • $4.59

This a clever way to let friends and family know of the celebration to take place soon! Allow your furry friends to be involved with a sign they get to hold, personalizing with the chalked-in names of the bride and groom.

DIY Wedding Chalkboard Supplies

Want to make your own chalkboard wedding decor? Check out these handy products to transform items into chalkboard surfaces to personalize for your wedding day decor and details!

chalkboard contact paper

Chalkboard Contact Paper


This roll of sticky chalkboard paper allows you to transform any surface into a chalkboard instantly! Make a wall out of chalkboard or even use it to turn a glass picture frame into a chalkboard. The options are endless!

chalkboard counter easel

Countertop Chalkboard Easel


This countertop chalkboard is perfect for your gift table, buffet, or anywhere else around your wedding reception. And how cute would it look on the kitchen counter of your newlywed home?

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard Paint


Have something you want to turn into a chalkboard? Check out this simple Chalkboard Paint to turn any surface into a chalkboard. Great for surfaces that aren’t flat that you can’t use the sticker paper for.

chalkboard labels

Chalkboard Sticker Labels


These sticky chalkboard labels would be perfect for labeling wedding favors, or you could even use them to label your dry goods or spices in your pantry after the big day!

chalk lettering book

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering


Want to work on your lettering style? Check out this awesome book by my good friend Valerie McKeehan! The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering

chalk ink markers

Chalk Ink Markers


When it comes to chalkboard writing for your wedding details, you may want something with a little more staying power than just regular chalk. That’s why we love Chalk Ink Markers

Are you planning to incorporate chalkboard details into your wedding day?

Incorporating chalkboard elements into your wedding day decor can infuse a touch of whimsy and nostalgia into your celebration. From welcome signs to seating charts, table numbers, menus, and more, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity flow as you explore different fonts, illustrations, and embellishments to make these chalkboard details truly unique to your special day. So, get ready to chalk it up and add a dash of charm to your wedding!

We hope this roundup of chalkboard signs has inspired you for your big day! There are many signs and ideas available to choose from to make your wedding day as unique and special as you! Be sure to check out Etsy for more fabulous wedding finds.

Join us in our community to talk all things weddings, signage and more! 

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