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An Easy Solution to Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

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Need to collect your wedding guest addresses to send your invitations? Tick this wedding planning to-do off your list in a simple and savvy way with TextMyLink!

An Easy Solution to Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

There are so many moving pieces involved in planning a wedding… and so much data to gather, sort, and store! The bigger the wedding guest list, the more information you’ll need to collect– from wedding guest addresses to RSVPs, meal preferences, and more.

Around here, we’re big fans of anything that can make your wedding planning process simpler, savvier, and less stressful. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to a handy app that will help you collect all the info you’ll need from your wedding guests!

TextMyLink is an app that helps anyone collect addresses and RSVPs for weddings or other events with the ease and simplicity of a text message!

If you’ve got a hefty guest list, you’ll likely need to make an effort to reach out to everyone to gather their physical mailing addresses if you’re planning to send printed wedding invitations. Instead of individually texting or emailing each person for their address, TextMyLink allows you to send a mass text to as many people as you’d like with one click.

TextMyLink - An Easy Solution to Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

Download the App & Register

Download the TextMyLink App from the Apple App Store. Then, sign up for a free account. Once you’ve confirmed your email address you’ll log in and create your event. You can add an event name, photo, location, date, and description to share with your guests right in the app.


Select the Info You’d Like to Collect

Next, you’ll select from the list of information options you’d like to collect from your guests. TextMyLink automatically includes First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Comments in each link, and you can select the following additional options to collect as well: Title, Email Address, RSVP, Partner/Spouse, and Address.

After you’ve selected the info to collect, you’ll get to see a preview of the page your guests will see when they click the link in your text.


Craft Your Message and Include Your Link!

Then, you’ll get to craft the text for your mass message and include your link. Write a greeting and instruct your guests to click your link and enter their details for further updates and mailed invitations. There’s also the option to send a mass text without the event link if you’d like to use it to share event updates and further details with your guests.

Once you’ve added your text you can preview the message your guests will receive. (We love this feature — it’s always good to double-check before sending to help avoid embarrassing typos!)


Sync Your Contacts and Select Your Guest List

Next, you’ll sync your phone contacts with the TextMyLink app, which imports the numbers from your phone. Select “Import +” then confirm that you’ll allow the app to access your iPhone Contacts. Then, you’ll select which contacts you wish to send the message to.


Choose Your Text Option

From here, you’ll get the option to send one mass text from a dedicated event phone number as part of a subscription package or try it for free by sending from your personal phone number.

If you choose to send from your personal phone, the app auto-populates each message for you all in a row, all you have to do is click send on each one! Easy peasy– and you’re on your way to collecting all your wedding guest addresses!

TextMyLink - An Easy Solution to Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

TextMyLink stores all your guests’ contact information within the app that can be easily exported for any type of invitation or card. Invitation creators love when people use this app because they receive an organized guest list that makes it easier for printing.

The TextMyLink app is great for any event where RSVPs or addresses are needed, especially weddings, and is affordably priced for general use as well! You might just want to use it to replace your existing online address book!

With any subscription, you’ll get a dedicated event phone number for the duration of your plan so your guests know who the text is coming from. The packages are affordably priced at 12 months for just $14.99 and text packages max out at $44.99 for 5K texts.


  • Collect updated addresses from friends and family
  • Easily export collected details to a spreadsheet format
  • Share important event updates with your guest list
  • No need to manually enter guest info into spreadsheets
  • Use in place of an all-purpose online address book
  • View outstanding contacts for easy follow-up
  • Easily see RSVP responses
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Affordably priced!
TextMyLink App - Collect Wedding Guest Addresses in a Simple and Savvy Way!

For our wedding, we had to individually text over 200 people to get their addresses. It was a pain to reach out to everyone and then copy that information into an Excel document (with no mistakes!) We thought that others might be in the same boat, so we created TextMyLink to help simplify the process! – Daniel Schulman

If you want to get the most out of TextMyLink, upgrade to a subscription so you can view your text history all in one place for easy event management. You also don’t have to worry about managing a ton of text replies in your personal phone.

Also, you’ll never use your data. Your address book and details will remain in your app even if your subscription ends. (Just FYI, your app phone number will change if you start a new subscription in the future.)

If you’re looking for a simple and savvy way to collect lots of details from a large guest list, check out TextMyLink!

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