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Cool Looks for the Kids in Your Bridal Party

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Cool Looks for the Kids in Your Bridal Party
ring bearer and flower girl

You’re budget-savvy; you aren’t boring. That means you want to look distinctive, exceptional, and stylish on your wedding day — and you want the rest of your wedding party to boast similar looks. However, while you might devote ample time to finding the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits that speak volumes, you can’t forget the fashion of the smallest members of your bridal party: your ring bearer and flower girl!

Because younger kids don’t know how to dress for formal events like weddings, if you want your bridal party to look cohesive, you’ll need to cherry-pick small ones’ outfits from top to bottom. Here’s a guide to making smart wardrobe decisions for the kids in your wedding ceremony.

Finding the perfect outfits for your ring bearer and flower girl

Think About Style

As is always the case when making decisions for your Big Day, you should think about the style you want to convey with the clothing for the kids in your bridal party. Ideally, the kids will blend seamlessly into your existing aesthetic; they won’t stand out in pictures or when they walk down your aisle. If you are at the very beginning stages of your wedding planning, you might pick out a few descriptive words to explain the overarching style of your Big Day — like “bohemian” or “Old Hollywood” or “rustic” — and use these terms when searching for formal kids’ clothes.

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Think About Mobility

The kids in your bridal party are both more active and less coordinated than the adults. This means that you need to factor mobility into your outfit selections. Before and after the ceremony, the kids at your wedding will want to wiggle, run, play, and dance, which means they need plenty of room in their clothing to move without causing devastating rips and tears. Younger kids are much more likely to stumble and fall, especially if their clothing is restrictive or there is excess fabric. Kids’ shoes are of noteworthy importance; they should be sturdy, stable, and securely fastened to prevent trips and slips during critical moments. You might talk to the kids’ parents to better understand their mobility needs before you make your final selections.

Think About Cost

Finally, you need to be considerate when it comes to cost. Kids’ clothing can boast price tags as high as adults’, but while your groomsmen might be able to recycle their suits for future events, the little ones in your bridal party will likely grow out of their tiny formalwear in a matter of months. Thus, you should try to avoid forcing your youngest bridal party members to shell out a substantial amount for this one-time wardrobe. Again, it is wise to consult with the kids’ parents to get a sense of their budget before assigning outfits.

ring bearer and flower girl outfits

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Consider These Outfit Ideas

Now that you know the basics of choosing wedding-wear for kids, you can focus on imagining how they will look. The following outfit ideas make statements while keeping kids comfortable throughout your event:

Flower girl and ring bearer | photo by oilivia rae james

photo by oilivia rae james via BRIDES

• Matchy-matchy.

If your flower girl and ring bearer look anything like you and your spouse-to-be, it might be cute to dress them up as mini-mes. It isn’t difficult to find a tailor who will incorporate elements of your dress into a child-sized pattern, and tiny suits are simply to-die-for.

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• Separates.

While dresses have long dominated the wedding scene, the trendiness of separates is seeping into bridal looks. As long as your wedding isn’t super-formal black tie, you might consider putting your flower girl in a separate skirt and top or else matching shirt and slacks.

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• Gender-neutral.

If you are especially aware of the toxicity of imposed gender norms, you might strive to remove gendered clothing from your Big Day. The best way to go about this is to ask all members of your bridal party what they feel most comfortable wearing (within the expectations of formality at your event) and permit them those clothes. That means if your flower girl wants to wear slacks and a blouse instead of a frilly dress, you should let her.

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• Accessories.

The accessories are what make kids especially cute as members of the bridal party. While you should remember the rules about mobility and cost, you might consider adding the following bits and bobs to your little ones’ ensembles:

  • Hairpieces: bows, sparkly barrettes, flower crowns
  • Jewelry: bangles, necklaces, stud earrings
  • Ties: bow, skinny, bolo
  • Carry-alongs: flowers, birdseed, dancing ribbon, bubbles, glitter, signs

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You shouldn’t leave the littlest wardrobe to last. The sooner you start thinking about what your flower girl and ring bearer need on your Big Day, the sooner you can rest assured that they will be comfortable (and cute!) walking down the aisle.


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