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Create Your Dream Wedding With Help from CreativeLive

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Learn how to DIY just about any aspect of your wedding day with the assortment of courses available from CreativeLive!

abby murrish

When I was planning my wedding, I would often hop on my wedding Pinterest board and look with longing and desire. Pins with beautiful cakes, calligraphed signs, and lush bouquets abounded. Working on a budget, I knew DIY would be an important part of pulling off my wedding. Looking at my pins, however, I quickly realized my dreams outweighed my DIY knowledge.

If that sounds anything like you, you should take a look at CreativeLive.

CreativeLive is an online learning place that offers focused workshops on creative subjects, from photography to sewing. Anyone can stream online workshops for free, and past workshops can be purchased and viewed anytime.

And for the budget-savvy bride, what more could be desired?

I completed a past class about creating floral garlands, tuned in to watch a bit of a live-stream calligraphy class, and watched a clip from a makeup class.

Suffice it to say; I’m smitten with CreativeLive.

Here are a few reasons I love CreativeLive and how it might help you create a beautiful wedding for less.

creativelive flower arranging class

CreativeLive offers a variety of wedding classes

CreativeLive offers an array of classes that can meet a variety of wedding needs. Of course, there are the subjects that everyone thinks of when it comes to wedding planning, like flower arranging, cake decorating, and hand lettering.

cake decorating creativelive

There are also classes that have wedding applications that may not seem obvious at first.

Are you handy with a sewing machine and looking to make your bridesmaids a unique thank you? Check out this class on box zip bags.

Do you want to try DIYing your bridal hair and makeup, but aren’t sure where to start? Consider this class taught by a makeup and hair artist.

Maybe you want to do something fun and unusual with your photos after the wedding but aren’t sure what. There are numerous scrapbooking classes, including this awesome bundle.

creativelive professors

The instructors are professional and practical.

In CreativeLive classes, the instructors are experts in their fields. They understand their subjects in and out, and their knowledge is obvious as they teach and answer questions from the students in the recordings.

In the floral class I watched, I appreciated how the instructors were considerate of financial and time limitations. They talked about ways to stretch budgets using fresh herbs. They addressed student questions about the fragrance from flowers being overbearing if used as a centerpiece.  They gave helpful tips about how to make garlands ahead of time.

creative live calligraphy class

You can figure out what you can realistically DIY.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and choose not to DIY anything, or go overboard an attempt to DIY everything. CreativeLive can be a tool that helps you gauge what wedding details you can do yourself, and what details you’re better off outsourcing to skilled vendors.

As I was watching the calligraphy class, I realized that though it is a skill that I could learn, the time it would personally take me to calligraphy the way I want wouldn’t be worth the effort. I would be better off saving my time and energy and hiring someone to do it.

However, as I completed the garland class, I knew making garlands was something that I could easily do. Working with flowers comes naturally to me. All I need is some guidance and instruction.

The material is easily accessible.

When I was planning my wedding, the last thing I wanted to do was take a class after work or on the weekends. I love that CreativeLive offers quality classes that simulate in-person classes, but that I can complete sitting on my couch in my PJs with a glass of wine in hand.

The classes are broken into bite-sized segments, so you can easily watch a bit while you’re making dinner or before you tune into your favorite TV show. You can also download purchased classes to your computer so you don’t need Wi-Fi.

If you’re streaming the class, you can ask questions of the instructor. If you’re watching a recording, you benefit from the questions others asked during the Livestream. CreativeLive films the classes at different angles, so you can see exactly how the instructors are crafting their projects.

My one frustration with streaming the calligraphy class is that I was unable to download the materials information before the class aired. As someone who learns by doing, it would have been helpful to purchase the calligraphy materials beforehand so I could work along with the instructor.

You can access it later in life.

I love that the class I received about flower arranging is one that I’ll be able to use for years to come. Although you may purchase a class for wedding DIY, there are numerous ways you’ll likely be able to use the classes in the future for events like anniversaries, parties, gifts, etc.

CreativeLive is a fabulous resource for brides on a budget who want to make their wedding classy and beautiful through DIY. If I had used this resource when I was planning my wedding, I could have made many more of my Pinterest pins a reality.

And I probably would have had floral garlands everywhere.

Check out the full collection of classes available at CreativeLive. Which one interests you? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

abby murrish

wrote about her wedding at The Budget-Savvy Bride in 2013 and 2014. She loves sharing info and advice with brides about how to create beautiful weddings that they love. Abby lives in the Midwest with her husband and dog.