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DIY Bridal Sash for Less than $20

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Laura W
DIY bridal sash

Alright, brides. I am bringing you yet another DIY project today! You should know that a lot of these DIYs I have shared with you have come about on a whim.

Here’s how I decided to make a DIY bridal sash: I was first introduced to bridal sashes when I tried on dresses (about a year out from my wedding). I found a halter dress I LOVED, and the consultant paired it with this bridal sash. Ultimately, I wasn’t ready to commit, and in July, I chose my dress. I LOVE it TONS more, but we didn’t pair it with a sash at my appointment. For a curvy girl like me, I like the idea of having a sash to help cinch my waist and give some extra pizzazz. However, have you seen the prices of some bridal sashes? Up to $200 or more!

So I thought, “Hey, I could make that!” So let me show you how.

DIY bridal sash

Here’s what you’ll need:

-A pencil

-Measuring tape

-White DMC Floss or thread and a sewing needle (optional)

-3 yards of white (or desired color) double faced satin ribbon, 2-inches (or desired) width

-Brooch of your choosing

How To:

1. First, choose your brooch. eBay has a TON to choose from, and many can be had for less than $20 a piece. You want to make sure it has your desired bling, as well as make sure it’s big enough (mine is about 4 inches in width and 2 inches in height).

2. Take your ribbon off the spool. Cut the edges (diagonally or v-shaped). Now fold the ribbon in half, and mark the midpoint with your pencil.

DIY bridal sash

3. Position your brooch. Mine has a hook back, so I had to play around with it until I positioned it perfectly. If you’re going for applique, check out The Craft Queen’s blog for how she did it.

4. I used white DMC floss and a sewing needle to secure the sides of the brooch onto the ribbon (very similar to sewing a button on an article of clothing).

That’s it! I spent a total of about $16 on this project, making it wonderfully budget savvy.

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Laura W

is a school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She got married in 2014. You can read her wedding planning posts here.