DIY Centerpiece Tutorial by Ashley Hairston

I am lucky to have alot of crafty, talented friends. When I saw Ashley’s pics pop up on my facebook wall of these adorable paper flowers, I knew I HAD to share them with you!! These colorful, cheery flowers would make a great DIY centerpiece for a wedding day table, and best of all they won’t cost much to make!

DIY Centerpiece Tutorial by Ashley Hairston

Ashley generously offered to share a tutorial with you in order to make these. She even made it into a snazzy PDF that you can download, complete with her own illustrations and templates for the flower shapes!! Too awesome! πŸ™‚


Not only is Ashley a great crafter, but she is a talented graphic designer and illustrator as well. You can visit her website at
If you have any questions for Ashley you can email her at mail{at}

Thank you so much Ashley for sharing this adorable project with us!! What do you think of Ashley’s creation? Would you like to see more DIY projects on BSB?

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