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DIY Chalkboard Signage

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Laura W

I am so pleased to bring you another DIY project this week. Let me give you some backstory. I love the idea of chalkboard signage at weddings. It brings a little rustic chic detail to this special event. However, some chalkboards can be up to $50 or more! Being the budget-savvy bride that I am, that just wasn’t going to cut it! So I started looking for inexpensive frames or mirrors I could repurpose.

The  frame above means a lot to me. It was actually a mirror that my mom had hung up at the bottom of the stairs in the house I grew up in. She isn’t currently using it in her house, and I remembered how beautiful the frame was and asked her if she would mind if I repurposed it. After a couple of weeks of searching, we found it in the garage, and the mirror was broken. So there was even more of an incentive to do something with it! So here’s how we got this beautiful sign…

DIY chalkboard

Materials: A frame of any type and a piece of plywood or glass OR an inexpensive mirror or picture frame; spray paint-your color of choice (optional); Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint (use spray-on or can with a brush- whatever your preference); any width of paintbrush

You can really use almost any surface to make into a chalkboard. I had a friend give me three small cork boards I wasn’t using, so we painted those to use for the menu and farewell info boards.

DIY chalkboard


1. If you’re going the “frame-and-plywood” route or if you want to, spray paint the frame. If not, skip to step 3.

DIY chalkboard

2. Measure the inside of the frame (where the picture or mirror is mounted), then measure out the piece of plywood. Make sure it fits into the frame before proceeding.

3. Paint the piece of plywood with Chalkboard paint.

4. Let dry.

5. If the frame doesn’t have any mounts to hold it in place, hammer small nails into the sides to push over the plywood.

DIY chalkboard

That’s it! How easy is that? Hope this signage helps inspire you!

Laura W

is a school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She got married in 2014. You can read her wedding planning posts here.