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DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub

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DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub

When helping my mom plan my bridal shower, I knew I wanted our favors to be something simple that people could actually use. I scoured Pinterest in search of a simple, yet budget-friendly favor to make for our guests. I stumbled across an image with the saying “From Amy’s Shower to Yours”, and loved the idea of creating a scrub those could people could use in their “showers”.

shower to yours

I then used Pinterest (this has become my go-to for DIY projects) to find simple, not too time consuming, or too expensive scrubs. I came across a 2-ingredient Coconut Sugar Scrub from Lovin our Chaos, that just involves coconut oil and sugar. I added a bit of food coloring for an added flair, and I think the DIY Coconut Sugar Scrubs came out perfect.

“From Natasha’s Shower to Yours — Coconut Sugar Scrub”


I purchased 36, 4-oz. mason jars from Fillmore Container (this particular store is located near my mother’s home in Pennsylvania so I didn’t have to pay shipping fees – otherwise, I’m pretty sure Target & Wal-mart would sell them cheaper, or you could also try Amazon), 4, 14-oz. jars of Coconut Oil (I got mine at Harris Teeter), and sugar (I always have an abundance of sugar in my house, so I didn’t need to purchase any!). However, be sure to purchase enough sugar to measure out 16 cups of sugar.


Once I purchased all of my ingredients, I combined the coconut oil and sugar and added in blue food dye to get the exact color I wanted. This process was very simple and took us (my future mother-in-law helped) about 15 minutes to make 36 jars!


Below is the list of ingredients with a simple step-by-step process:

List of Ingredients:



Steps to Creating your Own DIY Coconut Sugar Scrubs:
  • Soften the hardened coconut oil – I did this by placing the jar in the microwave for 5 seconds. Be careful not to melt the coconut oil; You just want to soften it a bit.
  • Place the entire jar of coconut oil in your mixer and add 4 cups of sugar.
  • Mix the 2 ingredients until combined
  • Mix in Food Coloring to get the color you want
  • Place in mini-mason jars and repeat until you use all ingredients


coconut sugar scrub

image via Food and Swine

I thought making a sugar scrub was going to be way more difficult than it was, but it was super simple and saved us a lot of money – Not to mention, I loved the way it looked at my bridal shower. You could even consider adding some essential oils for an added smell if you’re not big on the coconut. 😉


Have you tried any DIY that turned out easier than planned?


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