DIY Favor: Hot Cocoa in a Jar!

Hello gals! 

The holidays have come and gone and lots of money probably flew out the door! Luckily, here’s an idea that’ll keep a few bucks in your pocket that could be great for a wedding favor or even a little Valentine's day treat?

I was feeling stumped about holiday gifts and favors. Especially since as you know, I’m on a tight wedding budget, Thanksgiving budget, Christmas budget (you brides know the gist); a less than $5 per person kind of budget.

Of course, I’ve thought of all the usual suspects, cookies, candy bars, baked goods etc. Finally, I had my ‘EUREKA!’ moment while getting my twice-daily fix of Pinterest (okay, hourly! Don’t judge me!)

Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Here’s what I used to make the ‘Hot Cocoa in a Jar:

  • Mini Glass Jars (I got mine from Ikea. 4 jars come in 1 pack for $3.99×3= $11.97)
  • 12 gift tags and 2 spools of ribbon from Michaels = $2.30 (used a 20% off coupon)
  • Mini Hershey’s Kisses® = $2
  • Marshmallows = $0.99-cents
  • Unsweetened Cocoa = $6
  • Sugar

Unable to contain my excitement on how great this gift was going to be, I jumped right into the preparations as soon I got home. Here’s what I did, in a nutshell:

Freebies for your wedding

Layered the ingredients starting with:

  • 3-tbsp. of sugar
  • 3-tbsp. of cocoa
  • Marshmallows
  • Hershey’s Kisses®
Hot Cocoa in a Jar
Renae's Hot Cocoa Jar!
Image by: ME!

Then, I scribbled the following instructions on the gift tags (totally up to you to change if you like):

  • Add hot milk (or water) to
  • 1-½ tbsp. of cocoa
  • 1-½ tbsp. of sugar
  • Top with Marshmallows and Hershey’s Kisses®
Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Finally, I tied the gift tags around the jar (as cute as they look, they were a pain to tie!), and topped it off with some cute ribbons. FYI, these have been fiancé -approved! Here’s the final product:

Hot Cocoa in a Jar
The Final Product

In the end, I spent 20-minutes making 4 jars (most of the time was used shooing Kyle away from the Marshmallows).

What DIY wedding favors will you be doing? Is this something you’d try for any occasion? I think they would make for sweet Valentine's treats for any special people in your life!


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