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DIY Glitter Votives

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DIY Glitter Votives
Elisabeth Leach

Votive candles are a fun, inexpensive way to spice up your decor without stretching your budget.  I was inspired by various Pinterest photos to decorate my votives with glitter. This was inexpensive, fun, and the votives ended up looking fabulous! This could easily be done with any color glitter but I decided to go with classic gold. I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby. If you want to do a lot of votives, this a great way to get your bridesmaids together and have a DIY party!



  • Votive candles ($5.99 for 12; $3.59 with 40% off coupon)
  • Extra fine gold glitter ($2.99)
  • Foam craft brushes ($1.99)
  • Gloss finish Mod Podge ($4.99)
  • Newspaper/Scrap paper
  • Old plastic containers





Before you start this project, I recommend checking out Learn How to Mod Podge for some quick tips and tricks!

1. Layout newspaper or an old magazine on your work space. Glitter will get everywhere and Mod Podge can drip.

2. Pour some glitter into a separate container and prepare your Mod Podge. You don’t want to apply the glitter directly from the bottle because it is likely that too much will come out at one time and dump glitter all over your work space.


3. Decide how you want to decorate your votive. For this post, I did one solid, one striped, and just the rim on the other. You can get really creative here and do polka dots, ombre, etc.

4. Using a foam brush, apply the Mod Podge to the votive. Make sure any stickers have been removed.


5. Before the Mod Podge dries, apply the glitter. Carefully hold the votive over an empty container and pour the glitter over the votive, slowly rotating and making sure that there are no bare patches.

6. Gently shake off the votive to remove any excess glitter and set it aside to dry completely.

7. Reuse the excess glitter and repeat!

* To make stripes, cut strips of masking tape in various sizes and place on the votive before applying Mod Podge. Then peel the masking tape off after applying the glitter. Voila! Stripes!

Glitter votives candles are a fun way to spice up your decor without stretching your budget. See how I made my own with just a few supplies!

When lit, the candle illuminates the gold glitter and it  looks fantastic! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. It was super fun and easy! I think it can easily make any wedding decor look instantly glam without having to spend loads of money!

Elisabeth Leach

is a full-time student, part-time retail peon, Anglophile, and vintage enthusiast, currently residing along the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. She planned an intimate, rustic wedding and you can see her wedding planning posts here.