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DIY Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

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DIY Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

pink and gold bridal showerA Bridal Shower is meant to be the kick off event for an upcoming Wedding, but it shouldn’t cost nearly as much. With that being said, the bridal party should still make sure to throw a great bash for their friend. There are several ways to decrease expenses, while putting together a wonderful day.

My Best Friend is getting married one month before I am, so I knew there wouldn’t be very much room in my budget for a shower, but it still had to be amazing. This is where a few cans of spray paint, and several trips to the Dollar Store came into play. I noticed from my friends Pinterest board that she loved pink and gold-themed decor, so I took that route when planning her pink and gold bridal shower.

The main details I wanted to be included were a mimosa bar, candy bar, and gold centerpieces.

Pink and Gold Bridal Shower Ideas

DIY Mimosa Bar- $29 (not including fruit or Champagne)


  • Gold Spray Paint (Walmart)
  • Plastic Glasses (Dollar Tree)
  • Plastic Bowls for Fruit (Dollar Tree)
  • D & J Cardboard Letters (Joann Fabrics)
  • Cardstock (Dollar Tree)
  • Burlap Banner (Bought From A Wedding Resale Page)
  • Chalkboard Picture Frame (Dollar Tree)
  • Carafe (IKEA)

I went crazy with spray paint on almost all of these items. For the burlap banner, I printed each letter on printer paper, cut them out, placed them on a large piece of poster board, and then cut each letter again. I’m sure there is an easier way to do this, but this was the cheapest I found. After I cut each letter, I laid them out and spray-painted them gold, and then hot-glued each letter to a burlap flag.

I used the spray paint again for the plastic bowls, cardboard letters, and the bottom of each plastic champagne glass. I was so happy with how easy this was, but also how great everything turned out! As the walls in the hall were green, I also had to hang the tan fabric behind everything because…yikes!

Mimosa Bar

DIY Candy Bar- $34


  • Various Size Jars (Dollar Tree)
  • Organza Bags (Efavormart)
  • Various Candies (Target)
  • Cardstock (Dollar Tree)
  • Burlap Banner (Wedding Resale Page)
  • Gold Table Runner (Efavormart)

The biggest money saver for this table was the candy. The day after Valentine’s Day I went to Target to find all of the candy 50% off. I may have not been able to pull off this pink and gold bridal shower on a budget if that sale hadn’t happened.

Then, I spray-painted all of the jars gold, and attached some to candlesticks (which I also painted gold) to give things some depth. I used the same method as the Mimosa bar for the banner, and also the same piece of poster board to save money. The Gold sequin runner was on sale for $10 so I made sure to buy it as soon as I found it, they go out of stock often when a sale occurs.

Candy Bar

For the table centerpieces on our pink and gold bridal shower, I used a wine bottle, a mason jar (Dollar Tree), and a vase (dollar tree) and painted them all gold. The flowers were purchased from Michaels when they were 50% off. 

centerpiecesThe bride was extremely happy with how everything turned out, and all of the guests enjoyed their morning mimosa along with some candy.

Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

Did you love the ideas mentioned for a pink and gold bridal shower? Let us know if you use any for your own bridesmaids luncheons or showers! We’d love to see your pictures!


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