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revamp your shoes


My simple glam look was inspired by my friend Audra's post for DIY Up-cycled Glitter Heels at The Kurtz Corner. They have all the glitter and sparkle I was looking for to fit our theme. If you’re crafty (or you've recently become wedding-induced-crafty) you might already have these items on hand but if not, glitter and clear coat were my two highest expenses at $4 each (assuming you have an old pair of shoes you want to give a makeover!)



Here Is What You'll Need:
– a pair of heels
– your choice of fine glitter
– mod podge or fabric glue
– sponge brush or paintbrush
– acrylic sealant spray paint
– tape is optional

scuff the surfaceClean or prep your shoes. Mine were patent leather so after I cleaned them I took two rough grains of sand paper and beat them up by scuffing the surface. This helps hold the glitter to the shoe if the shoes are made of a slippery material. Then you're ready to paint!



paint the shoes evenlyFirst, I mixed the mod podge and purple glitter together and applied it with a sponge brush. I painted the entire right shoe purple and allowed it to dry in the sun while I painted the entire left shoe. I repeated this process and let the shoes dry standing upright.



dry in the sun2Next, I mixed nude glitter with mod podge which I painted inside the heel and arch. I repeated this process and continued to let them dry. I did not paint the entire sole; this helps ensure I keep all traction and hopefully no slips! Finally, I hung them up and sprayed the acrylic clear paint for a polished finish. I am so excited to rock these glam heels!


diy purple glitter heels


My decision to revamp shoes I already owned vs. buying new was to save another $50 on our total budget. This project cost $8 and each item will be used in other DIY projects for our wedding. I spent a total of 30 minutes start to finish for this simple and stunning shoe project!


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Hi I'm Sarah, a 29 year old Modern Seamstress and Fabricworm. Chuckles and I are planning a glamorous DIY destination wedding April 2014 in Las Vegas before we set off on yet another adventure together.

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  • This is an awesome idea Sarah! My wheels are definitely turning…

  • Joy

    I love this gorgeous purple glitter color.

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