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DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial by Blooms by the Box

Today we're sharing a post written by one of our fabulous sponsors, Blooms by the Box! I know you'll love this DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial! xoxo, Jessica

We honestly think making your own DIY boutonniere is a budget saving no-brainer. This DIY Boutonniere Tutorial is different from a traditional rose or focal flower bout. Hand tied bouts are trending and we are loving it!

DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial 1

Because bouts spend all of their show time pinned to a piece of clothing, it is key to make sure the pieces you are using spend most of their time in water and the bout isn’t made until the day of the event (or the night before if the wedding is in the morning). The good thing about hand tied bouts is that it is composed mostly of greens and fillers, which are nice and hardy.


DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

In this tutorial we used:

1. 1 stem of blue delphinium from Blooms by the Box
2. A small piece of plumosus fern from Blooms by the Box
3. Rosemary from the food store (or your fridge!)

Other supplies that we used to make this DIY tied boutonniere:
floral scissors, floratape stem wrap, and hemp

DIY Tied Boutonniere TutorialDIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

To get everything ready for arranging, the little sprigs need to be trimmed and pruned. You can use your fingers to pull down and remove the bottoms pieces off of the greenery. Each of the pieces (seen below) are 5-6 inches long with 2-3 inches on the bottom of bare stem.

DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

Take the pruned pieces of greenery (we used 2 pieces of the fern and 2 pieces of the rosemary) and bunch them together. Wrap the bottom portion of the stems with floratape. Don’t over wrap the little bundle; this will prevent the bout from having a stem that is too bulky. Pull the tape tight for it to adhere to itself well.



DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

The delphinium or featured bloom should go in the front of the boutonniere. Pick which side you want to be the front of the bout. We do this by using the flat side as the back and the most appealing side that has greenery coming off both ends as the front (this process usually involves a lot of pretend placing the started bout on your shirt to see how it would look). Once you’ve picked the favored side, add the delphinium (with another piece of greenery if desired) and repeat the stem wrapping process. You can wrap the floratape all the way to the bottom of your bundle.




DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

Go ahead and cut the bottom of the bout, leaving about 2 inches of wrapped stems showing.

DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

You can wrap the bout fully in hemp/twine and pin/glue it in place. Or, for the rustic hand-tied look, what we did was double knot the hemp around the taped bundle. After shaping the knot we cut the excess hemp off each side.

DIY Tied Boutonniere Tutorial

Voila! A beautiful rustic DIY tied boutonniere! Your boutonnieres can be stored in the fridge until show time. Just make sure you have them wrapped in a plastic bag or box.


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