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Semi-DIY Watercolor Thank You Notes

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Learn how to create these semi-diy watercolor thank you notes to express your thanks to your loved ones and wedding guests.

Semi-DIY Watercolor Thank You Notes

Planning a wedding requires quite a lot of patience as well as stuff. Two key items for successfully planning a wedding as a nice human are thank you notes and stamps. If you don’t consider yourself to be Emily Post, you may not be in the habit of sending out regular thank you notes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on buying specialty-printed, personalized cards– this is one aspect of your day you can totally DIY!

Find Your Thank You Notes

While wandering the stationery aisle at Target, we found a pack of 50 basic thank you notes with silver foil. They were under $15, so well worth the money as a bride-to-be. You’ll flip over the number of thank-you’s that need to be written throughout this process. Of course, the design was pretty plain– but can easily be spiffed up with the help of a little DIY magic.

While browsing Etsy, we found some adorable watercolor thank you notes that were totally swoon-worthy, but the price… not so much. In fact, they were downright pricey at $6 for 4 cards! That’s a crazy amount of money for a bride on a budget who needs to send many thank you notes, no matter how awesome they looked.

Create Your DIY Watercolor Thank You Notes

What’s a savvy bride on a budget to do? We had an epiphany– we’d transform the newly purchased notes into original pieces of watercolor art!


We simply purchased a $4 set of watercolors, and got to work on these DIY Watercolor Thank You Notes!

Once you have everything you need, fold the card and start painting the front.

Create your brush strokes in one similar direction with the first base color. Then add other directional brush strokes with other colors for a layered effect.


The pattern of watercolor isn’t very specific, so you can be creative during this process.


You can change colors often, and even mix colors to create another shade of a new color. It only takes about 5 minutes for each card of up want to be extra intentional. You can easily go faster if you’re using the colors as they are.

Didn’t they turn out lovely? Match your colors to your wedding color scheme for a custom watercolor thank you note! Allow to dry fully for 24 hours before writing and sending your notes.


Happy thank-you-note writing! xx

Have you done any DIY projects for your wedding? Are you planning to do any watercolor projects?


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