DIY Wedding Flower Arrangement

My son was married this past summer, and my sweet soon-to-be daughter-in-law asked me if I could make a silk floral arrangement for a large cement urn that was to be the focal point of the ceremony. (Other than her, of course.)

silk floral arrangement for a wedding

Choosing the right flowers is the most important part of making a gorgeous wedding floral arrangement. The bridesmaid’s dresses were pale pink, so I chose flowers the same color.


When making a silk floral arrangement you want to find flowers that look as real as possible. They may cost a little more, but watch for sales and you will save money for sure! Be sure to hit Michael’s with a coupon!

wedding-floral-arrangement-1 wedding-floral-arrangement-2 wedding-floral-arrangement-3 wedding-floral-arrangement-7a

Choosing different size flowers will make the arrangement elegant and airy. I also look for some very dainty flowers that I use as fillers. These think branches with minimal flowers were a good choice for the base of the arrangement.


I purchased a large piece of floral foam and cut the foam to fit snuggly inside of a plastic pot. When arranging flowers, you want to start with the tallest flowers first. I like to use florals that resemble flowering tree branches for the tall flowers. Place the first flower stem directly in the center of the pot, and add more if needed. I also hot glue all around the stems for added support.


I then added the next size flowers. Look at the flower on the right, see how it droops softly? This flower is a Wisteria. It adds a delicate softness to the arrangement.

Next, I added the blush pink roses, being careful to space them out evenly.


Then it was time to add the smaller flowers. I placed them lower than the roses to help hide some of the stems.


The last step was to add the very dainty flowers. These are what I call “fillers”. They are used to fill in the gaps. Just be careful not to over do it.


The little “filler” flowers make such a difference!


Isn’t this beautiful! And guess what? Everyone thought the flowers were real!

wedding-floral-arrangements-bh wedding-floral-arrangement-b5

It was a beautiful day! This Momma was happy, and I just smiled when people commented on the stunning roses. (I’m not telling them that they were silk!)

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