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How to DIY Your Wedding Video

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Looking for an affordable wedding videography option? Learn how you can create a DIY Wedding Video with a package from Wedit!


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words but a Video of Your Wedding Ceremony is Priceless! If you’ve been reading The Budget Savvy Bride for a while you know that we’re all about sharing ways to pull off a luxe wedding for less. We love sharing DIY wedding alternatives that you can tackle on your own if you’re looking for ways to cut costs.

One element of the wedding day that tends to be a bit pricey (but is oh-so-meaningful) is wedding videography.

Hiring a professional wedding filmmaker isn’t cheap. While having a cinematic-style wedding video (like the ones seen on LoveStoriesTV) may not be a priority for you, we can’t emphasize enough how special it is to be able to relive the moments of your big day via moving pictures.

Preserve your Wedding Memories on Film for Less

Being able to hear you and your partner exchange your vows and share your love for one another is one of the most meaningful and powerful things we can think of. At the end of the day — this wedding is happening because of the love the two of you share. Being able to experience the joy of your wedding day on film is truly priceless.

So as a budget-savvy bride, what’s the best way to get footage of your big day without the hefty price tag? Allow us to introduce you to Wedit – the DIY solution for wedding videography! 

Wedit - DIY Wedding Video

Wedit is a service that allows you to DIY your wedding video with the help of your family and friends!

Wedit is a fun and interactive way to capture your total wedding experience, from the rehearsal dinner to the day-after brunch!

When you book a Wedding Package with Wedit, you receive 5 HD cameras in the mail for your guests to use to capture every moment, from the rehearsal to the after-party.

All the captured footage is stored online, so you can view, share and download the files at your convenience for 12 months.

Their team of professional editors can even turn your raw footage into a personal, professional and priceless finished product!

They’ve got options to suit your budget– choose from rental-only packages or edited videos. When it comes to edited wedding videos, they have options for a snappy highlight reel video or a full-length wedding film, so you can select the option that works best for your budget.

Why You Should DIY Your Wedding Videography

We LOVE Wedit because their service makes wedding videography affordable, efficient, and effective.

wedit cameras
  • Affordability – Wedit’s packages are insanely affordable for the value. It includes the price of the camera rentals and there are even packages with professional video editing included!
  • Efficiency – With free shipping both ways and hosting of your footage online for one year, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Get your fully edited videos back within 4-6 weeks.
  • Effectiveness – Five cameras allow for your guests to capture multiple angles on the big day, meaning you’ll get more video coverage than hiring a professional videographer. You can even place a camera on a tripod to get footage throughout the entire event!

Let us be clear: we think having video footage of your big day is truly priceless. But why spend more when you can get a quality product for less with Wedit?!

Choose Your DIY Wedding Video Package

Want to give Wedit a shot for your big day? Choose the option that best suits your budget and reserve your spot for an affordable but priceless wedding video today!

Because you’re a reader of The Budget Savvy Bride, we’ve got *exclusive* pricing just for you!

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We can’t wait to see the results of your budget-savvy wedding video collaborations with Wedit!

Wedit - DIY Wedding Videography

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Wedit - DIY Wedding Video

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